Origin: Germany
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Century Media Records

Band Album Year
... And Oceans A.M.G.O.D. 2000
... And Oceans Cypher 2002
3 Inches Of Blood Here Waits Thy Doom 2009
3 Inches Of Blood Long Live Heavy Metal 2012
454 Big Block Your Jesus
Aborted Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture 2007
Aborted Strycnine.213 2008
Aborted Coronary Reconstruction 2009
Aborted Global Flatline 2012
Aborted The Necrotic Manifesto 2014
Aborted Retrogore 2016
Aborted Bathos 2017
Aborted TerrorVision 2018
Aborted La Grande Mascarade 2020
Aborted Maniacult 2021
Accu§er Reflections 1994
Adrenaline Mob Men Of Honor 2014
Adrenaline Mob Dearly Departed 2015
Adrenaline Mob We The People 2017
Alastis The Other Side 1997
Alastis Revenge 1998
Alastis Unity 2001
Andromeda Extensions Of The Wish 2001
Andromeda II=I 2002
Andromeda Final Extension 2004
Angel Dust Border Of Reality 1998
Angel Dust Bleed 1999
Angel Dust Enlighten The Darkness 2000
Angel Dust Of Human Bondage 2002
Angelus Apatrida Clockwork 2010
Angelus Apatrida The Call 2012
Angelus Apatrida Evil Unleashed / Give 'Em War 2013
Angelus Apatrida Hidden Evolution 2015
Angelus Apatrida Cabaret De La Guillotine 2018
Angelus Apatrida Angelus Apatrida 2021
Angelus Apatrida Aftermath 2023
Angra Freedom Call 1996
Angra Fireworks 1998
Arch Enemy Stigmata 1998
Arch Enemy Burning Bridges 1999
Arch Enemy Wages Of Sin 2001
Arch Enemy Anthems Of Rebellion 2003
Arch Enemy Dead Eyes See No Future 2004
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine 2005
Arch Enemy Live Apocalypse 2006
Arch Enemy Rise Of The Tyrant 2007
Arch Enemy Revolution Begins 2007
Arch Enemy Tyrants Of The Rising Sun: Live In Japan 2008
Arch Enemy Tyrants Of The Rising Sun: Live In Japan 2008
Arch Enemy Manifesto Of Arch Enemy 2009
Arch Enemy The Root Of All Evil 2009
Arch Enemy Khaos Legions 2011
Arch Enemy Dawn Of Khaos 2011
Arch Enemy War Eternal 2014
Arch Enemy Live Power 2017
Arch Enemy Will To Power 2017
Arch Enemy As The Stages Burn! 2017
Arch Enemy 1996 - 2017 2018
Arch Enemy Covered In Blood 2019
Arch Enemy Deceivers 2022
Asphyx The Rack 1991
Asphyx Last One On Earth 1992
Asphyx Crush The Cenotaph 1992
Asphyx Asphyx 1994
Asphyx God Cries 1996
Asphyx Embrace The Death 1996
Asphyx Feeding On Angels 1998
Asphyx On The Wings Of Inferno 2000
Asphyx Depths Of Eternity 2009
Asphyx Death ... The Brutal Way 2009
Asphyx Live Death Doom 2010
Asphyx Deathhammer 2012
Asphyx Incoming Death 2016
Asphyx Necroceros 2021
At The Gates At War With Reality 2014
At The Gates To Drink From The Night Itself 2018
At The Gates With The Pantheons Blind 2019
At The Gates The Mirror Black 2019
At The Gates The Nightmare Of Being 2021
Baest Danse Macabre 2018
Barren Earth On Lonely Towers 2015
Barren Earth A Complex Of Cages 2018
Bewitcher Cursed Be Thy Kingdom 2021
Bewitcher Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves 2023
Bewitcher Spell Shock 2024
Blind Guardian
Blind Guardian And There Was Silence 2001
Blind Guardian A Night At The Opera 2002
Blood Incantation Timewave Zero 2022
Blood Incantation Absolute Elsewhere 2024
Bloodbath Breeding Death 2000
Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage 2002
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh 2004
Body Count Bloodlust 2017
Body Count Carnivore 2020
Bombus The Poet And The Parrot 2013
Bombus Repeat Until Death 2016
Bombus Vulture Culture 2019
Borknagar The Olden Domain 1997
Borknagar The Archaic Course 1998
Borknagar Quintessence 2000
Borknagar Empiricism 2001
Borknagar Epic 2004
Borknagar Origin 2006
Borknagar Urd 2012
Borknagar Winter Thrice 2016
Borknagar True North 2019
Borknagar Fall 2024
Brand New Sin Recipe For Disaster 2005
Brand New Sin Tequila 2006
Broken Hope Omen Of Disease 2013
Broken Hope Mutilated And Assimilated 2017
Butcher Babies Goliath 2013
Butcher Babies Uncovered 2014
Butcher Babies Take It Like A Man 2015
Butcher Babies Lilith 2017
Butcher Babies Eye For An Eye ... 2023
Butcher Babies ... Til The World's Blind 2023
Candiria 300 Percent Density 2001
Carnal Forge Firedemon 2000
Carnal Forge Please ... Die! 2001
Carnal Forge The More You Suffer 2003
Carnal Forge Aren't You Dead Yet? 2004
Celtic Frost Monotheist 2006
Cemetary 1213 The Beast Divine 2000
Chaosbreed Brutal 2004
Christian Death Amen
Christian Death Jesus Points The Bone At You?
Chum Dead To The World 1996
Comecon Megatrends In Brutality 1992
Comecon Converging Conspiracies 1993
Comecon Fable Frolic 1995
Comecon The Worms Of God 2008
Cronian Terra 2006
Cryptopsy Whisper Supremacy 1998
Cryptopsy And Then You'll Beg 2000
Cryptopsy None So Live 2003
Cryptopsy One Was Not 2005
Cryptopsy The Unspoken King 2008
Cryptopsy The Best Of Us Bleed 2012
Cynic Uroboic Forms - The Complete Demo Recordings 2017
Daath The Concealers 2009
Daath Dååth 2010
Daemonarch Hermeticum 1998
Dagoba Black Nova 2017
Dark Fortress Seance 2006
Dark Fortress Eidolon 2008
Dark Fortress Ylem 2010
Dark Fortress Venereal Dawn 2014
Dark Fortress Spectres From The Old World 2020
Dark Funeral Where Shadows Forever Reign 2016
Dark Funeral We Are The Apocalypse 2022
Dark Millennium Out Of The Past 2015
Dark Tranquillity
Dark Tranquillity Projector 1999
Dark Tranquillity Haven 2000
Dark Tranquillity Damage Done 2002
Dark Tranquillity Lost To Apathy 2004
Dark Tranquillity Character 2005
Dark Tranquillity Fiction 2007
Dark Tranquillity Where Death Is Most Alive 2009
Dark Tranquillity Yesterworlds 2009
Dark Tranquillity Manifesto Of Dark Tranquillity 2009
Dark Tranquillity We Are The Void 2010
Dark Tranquillity Zero Distance 2012
Dark Tranquillity Construct 2013
Dark Tranquillity Atoma 2016
Dark Tranquillity Moment 2020
Dark Tranquillity Endtime Signals 2024
Dawn The Eternal Forest - Demo Years 91-93 2014
Death Alley Superbia 2018
Deicide To Hell With God 2011
Deicide In The Minds Of Evil 2013
Deicide Overtures Of Blasphemy 2018
Demolition Hammer Tortured Existence 1990
Demolition Hammer Epidemic Of Violence 1992
Demolition Hammer Time Bomb 1994
Demolition Hammer Necrology: A Complete Anthology 2008
Demons & Wizards III 2020
Despair History Of Hate 1988
Despair Decay Of Humanity 1990
Despair Beyond All Reason 1992
Despised Icon The Healing Process 2005
Despised Icon The Ills Of Modern Man 2007
Despised Icon Day Of Mourning 2009
Despised Icon Montreal Assault 2009
Devian Ninewinged Serpent 2007
Devian God To The Ill-Fated 2008
Devil's Whorehouse II: Black Armoured Death 2013
Divine Empire Nostradamus 2004
Divine Empire Method Of Execution 2005
Dragonland Starfall 2004
Dragonland Astronomy 2006
Dream Evil Dragonslayer 2002
Dream Evil Evilized 2003
Dream Evil The Book Of Heavy Metal 2004
Dream Evil United 2006
Dream Evil Gold Medal In Metal 2008
Dream Evil Gold Medal In Metal 2008
Dream Evil In The Night 2010
Dream Evil Six 2017
Ebony Tears Evil As Hell 2001
Einherjer Far Far North 1997
Einherjer Odin Owns Ye All 1998
Emperor Emperor (split LP w/ Enslaved) 1993
Enchantment Dance The Marble Naked 1994
English Dogs Bow To None 1994
Enola Gay Strange Encounter 1999
Entombed A.D. Back To The Front 2014
Entombed A.D. Dead Dawn 2016
Entombed A.D. Bowels Of Earth 2019
Evenfall Still In The Grey Dying ...
Evenfall Still In The Grey Dying 1999
Evenfall Cumbersome 2002
Exodus Another Lesson In Violence 1997
Extol Undeceived 2000
Extol Synergy 2003
Extol The Blueprint Dives 2005
Eyehategod In The Name Of Suffering 1992
Eyehategod Take As Needed For Pain 1993
Eyehategod Dopesick 1996
Eyehategod Confederacy Of Ruined Lives 2000
Eyehategod Southern Discomfort 2000
Eyehategod 10 Years Of Abuse (And Still Broke) 2001
Eyehategod Eyehategod 2014
Eyehategod A History Of Nomadic Behavior 2021
Eyes Of Eden Faith 2007
Eyes Of Fire Disintegrate 2003
Eyes Of Fire Ashes To Embers 2004
Eyes Of Fire Prisons 2006
Fear My Thoughts Vulcanus 2007
Fear My Thoughts Isolation 2008
Finntroll Ur Jordens Djup 2007
Finntroll Blodsvept 2013
Firespawn Shadow Realms 2015
Firespawn The Reprobate 2017
Firespawn Abominate 2019
Firewind Forged By Fire 2005
Firewind Allegiance 2006
Firewind The Premonition 2008
Firewind Live Premonition 2008
Firewind Live Premonition 2008
Firewind Days Of Defiance 2010
Firewind Few Against Many 2012
Firewind Apotheosis - Live 2012 2013
Firewind Immortals 2017
Fleshgrind The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment 2000
Fleshgrind Murder Without End 2003
Flowing Tears Jade 2000
Flowing Tears Serpentine 2002
Flowing Tears Razorbliss 2004
Fozzy Sin And Bones 2012
Fozzy Do You Wanna Start A War 2014
Fozzy Judas 2017
Frozen Soul Crypt Of Ice 2021
Frozen Soul Glacial Domination 2023
Fu Manchu
Fu Manchu We Must Obey 2007
Fu Manchu Signs Of Infinite Power 2009
God Forbid Determination 2001
God Forbid Gone Forever 2004
God Forbid Better Days 2004
God Forbid IV: Constitution Of Treason 2005
God Forbid Earthsblood 2009
Gospel Of The Witches Salem's Wounds 2015
Grand Supreme Blood Court Bow Down Before The Blood Court 2012
Grave Into The Grave 1991
Grave You'll Never See ... 1992
Grave And Here I Die ... Satisfied 1993
Grave Soulless 1994
Grave Hating Life 1996
Grave Extremely Rotten Live 1997
Grave Back From The Grave 2002
Grave Fiendish Regression 2004
Grave As Rapture Comes 2006
Grave Exhumed - A Grave Collection 2008
Grave Necropsy - The Complete Demo Recordings 1986-1991 2011
Grave The Dark Side Of Death 2012
Grave Endless Procession Of Souls 2012
Grave Morbid Ascent 2013
Grave Out Of Respect For The Dead 2015
Graveyard Rodeo Sowing Discord In The Haunts Of Man 1993
Graveyard Rodeo On The Verge 1994
Grief Come To Grief 1994
Gurd Gurd 1995
Gurd Addicted 1995
Gurd D-Fect 1996
Gurd D-Fect (The Remixes) 1997
Gurd Down The Drain 1998
Gurd Bedlam 2000
Havok Conformicide 2017
Havok V 2020
Heaven Shall Burn Antigone 2004
Heaven Shall Burn Deaf To Our Prayers 2006
Heaven Shall Burn Iconoclast 2008
Heaven Shall Burn Bildersturm - Iconoclast II 2009
Heaven Shall Burn Bildersturm - Iconoclast II 2009
Heaven Shall Burn Invictus (Iconoclast III) 2010
Heaven Shall Burn Veto 2013
Heaven Shall Burn Wanderer 2016
Hexvessel When We Are Death 2016
Hexvessel All Tree 2019
Hexx Morbid Reality 1991
Holy Moses
Holy Moses Master Of Disaster 2001
Holy Moses Disorder Of The Order 2002
Hostility Brick
House Of Spirits Psychosphere 1999
ICS Vortex Storm Seeker 2011
Iced Earth
Iced Earth Iced Earth 1991
Iced Earth Night Of The Stormrider 1992
Iced Earth Burnt Offerings 1995
Iced Earth The Dark Saga 1996
Iced Earth Days Of Purgatory 1997
Iced Earth Something Wicked This Way Comes 1998
Iced Earth Melancholy 1999
Iced Earth Alive In Athens 1999
Iced Earth The Horror Show 2001
Iced Earth Tribute To The Gods 2002
Iced Earth Dark Genesis 2002
Iced Earth The Blessed And The Damned 2004
Iced Earth Alive In Athens 2006
Iced Earth 5 Songs 2011
Iced Earth Dystopia 2011
Iced Earth Live In Ancient Kourion 2013
Iced Earth Live In Ancient Kourion 2013
Iced Earth Plagues Of Babylon 2014
Iced Earth Incorruptible 2017
Impaled Death After Life 2005
Imperial Triumphant Alphaville 2020
Imperial Triumphant An Evening With Imperial Triumphant 2021
Imperial Triumphant Spirit Of Ecstasy 2022
Insidious Disease Shadowcast 2010
Insomnium One For Sorrow 2011
Insomnium Shadows Of The Dying Sun 2014
Insomnium Winter's Gate 2016
Insomnium Heart Like A Grave 2019
Insomnium Argent Moon 2021
Insomnium Songs Of The Dusk 2023
Insomnium Anno 1696 2023
Insult II Injury Point Of This 1994
Internal Bleeding Onward To Mecca 2004
Into Eternity Buried In Oblivion 2004
Into Eternity The Scattering Of Ashes 2006
Into Eternity The Incurable Tragedy 2008
Intronaut Prehistoricisms 2008
Intronaut Valley Of Smoke 2010
Intronaut Habitual Levitations 2013
Intronaut The Direction Of Last Things 2015
Invincible Spirit Can Sex Be Sin
Ion Dissonance Cursed 2010
Iwrestledabearonce It's All Happening 2009
Iwrestledabearonce Ruining It For Everybody 2011
Iwrestledabearonce Late For Nothing 2013
Jag Panzer
Jag Panzer
Jag Panzer The Fourth Judgement 1997
Jag Panzer Age Of Mastery 1998
Jag Panzer Thane To The Throne 2000
Jag Panzer Mechanized Warfare 2001
Jag Panzer Decade Of The Nail Spiked Bat 2003
Jag Panzer Casting The Stones 2004
Jag Panzer Chain Of Command 2004
Kalmah Swampsong 2003
Katatonia Discouraged Ones 1998
Kill Devil Hill Revolution Rise 2013
Krisiun Conquerors Of Armageddon 2000
Krisiun Ageless Venomous 2001
Krisiun Works Of Carnage 2003
Krisiun Bloodshed 2004
Krisiun AssassiNation 2006
Krisiun Southern Storm 2008
Krisiun The Great Execution 2011
Krisiun Arise From Blackness 2012
Krisiun Forged In Fury 2015
Krisiun Scourge Of The Enthroned 2018
Krisiun Mortem Solis 2022
Labyrinth Labyrinth 2003
Lacuna Coil
Lacuna Coil Lacuna Coil 1998
Lacuna Coil In A Reverie 1999
Lacuna Coil Halflife 2000
Lacuna Coil Unleashed Memories 2001
Lacuna Coil Comalies 2002
Lacuna Coil Karmacode 2006
Lacuna Coil Visual Karma (Body, Mind And Soul) 2008
Lacuna Coil Shallow Life 2009
Lacuna Coil Manifesto Of Lacuna Coil 2009
Lacuna Coil Dark Adrenaline 2012
Lacuna Coil Broken Crown Halo 2014
Lacuna Coil Delirium 2016
Lacuna Coil Black Anima 2019
Lacuna Coil Live From The Apocalypse 2021
Lacuna Coil Comalies XX 2022
Lemming Project Hate And Despise
Leviathan Riddles, Questions, Poetry, & Outrage 1996
Lucifer Lucifer II 2018
Lucifer Lucifer III 2020
Lucifer Lucifer IV 2021
Lullacry Be My God 2001
Lullacry Crucify My Heart 2003
Machine Men Elegies 2005
Machine Men Circus Of Fools 2007
Madball Ball Of Destruction
Madder Mortem All Flesh Is Grass 2001
Madder Mortem Deadlands 2002
Malevolent Creation Dead Man's Path 2015
Malevolent Creation The 13th Beast 2019
Marduk La Grande Danse Macabre 2001
Marduk Serpent Sermon 2012
Marduk Frontschwein 2015
Marduk Viktoria 2018
Marduk Memento Mori 2023
Mass Worship Mass Worship 2019
Mass Worship Portal Tombs 2022
Massacra Day Of The Massacra 2013
Massacre Back From Beyond 2014
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 1993
Mayhem Daemon 2019
Mayhem Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando 2021
Mayhem Daemonic Rites 2023
Mental Home Upon The Seas Of Inner Shores 2000
Merauder Master Killer 1995
Merauder Five Deadly Venoms 1999
Merauder Bluetality 2003
Mercenary 11 Dreams 2004
Mercenary Retrospective 2006
Mercenary Architect Of Lies 2008
Mercenary Recollections - The Century Media Years 2012
Mercury Tide Why? 2003
Mercyless Coloured Funeral 1993
Metalium As One - Chapter Four 2004
Misery Index Complete Control 2022
Moonsorrow Jumalten Aika 2016
Moonspell Wolfheart 1995
Moonspell Irreligious 1996
Moonspell Sin / Pecado 1998
Moonspell The Butterfly Effect 1999
Moonspell Darkness And Hope 2001
Moonspell The Antidote 2003
Morgoth Cursed 1991
Morgoth Resurrection Absurd 1991
Morgoth The Eternal Fall 1991
Morgoth Odium 1993
Morgoth Feel Sorry For The Fanatic 1996
Morgoth Cursed To Live 2012
Morgoth Ungod 2015
Morgul The Horror Grandeur
Motorowl Om Generator 2016
Mucky Pup Lemonade
My Own Victim My Own Victim 1994
My Own Victim Burning Inside 1995
My Own Victim No Voice, No Rights, No Freedom 1997
My Own Victim The Weapon 1998
My Ruin The Horror Of Beauty 2003
Nachtmystium Worldfall 2008
Nachtmystium Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1 2008
Nachtmystium Addicts: Black Meddle Part 2 2010
Nachtmystium Silencing Machine 2012
Nachtmystium The World We Left Behind 2014
Naglfar Ex Inferis 2001
Naglfar Sheol 2003
Naglfar Pariah 2005
Naglfar Harvest 2007
Naglfar Téras 2012
Naglfar An Extension Of His Arm And Will 2012
Naglfar Cerecloth 2020
Napalm Death
Napalm Death Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 2004
Napalm Death The Code Is Red ... Long Live The Code 2005
Napalm Death Smear Campaign 2006
Napalm Death Time Waits For No Slave 2009
Napalm Death Utilitarian 2012
Napalm Death Apex Predator - Easy Meat 2015
Napalm Death The Best Of Napalm Death 2016
Napalm Death Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs 2018
Napalm Death Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism 2020
Napalm Death Resentment Is Always Seismic - A Final Throw Of Throes 2022
Necrophobic Pesta 2017
Necrophobic Mark Of The Necrogram 2018
Necrophobic Dawn Of The Damned 2020
Necrophobic In The Twilight Grey 2024
Necrowretch Putrid Death Sorcery 2013
Necrowretch Bestial Rites 2009 - 2012 2013
Necrowretch Even Death May Die 2014
Necrowretch With Serpents Scourge 2015
Nevermore Nevermore 1995
Nevermore In Memory 1996
Nevermore The Politics Of Ecstasy 1996
Nevermore Dreaming Neon Black 1999
Nevermore Dead Heart In A Dead World 2000
Nevermore Enemies Of Reality 2003
Nevermore This Godless Endeavor 2005
Nevermore The Year Of The Voyager 2008
Nevermore Manifesto Of Nevermore 2009
Nevermore The Obsidian Conspiracy 2010
Night Demon Year Of The Demon 2022
Night Demon Outsider 2023
Nightrage Sweet Vengeance 2003
Nightrage Descent Into Chaos 2005
Nightrage A New Disease Is Born 2007
Nightrage Vengeance Descending 2010
Nocturnal Rites Tales Of Mystery And Imagination 1998
Nocturnal Rites The Sacred Talisman 1999
Nocturnal Rites Afterlife 2000
Nocturnal Rites Shadowland 2002
Nocturnal Rites New World Messiah 2004
Nocturnal Rites Grand Illusion 2005
Nocturnal Rites The 8th Sin 2007
Norther N 2008
Norther Circle Regenerated 2011
Novembre Classica 2000
Novembre Novembrine Waltz 2001
Novembre Dreams D'Azur 2002
Oceans Of Slumber Blue 2015
Oceans Of Slumber Winter 2016
Oceans Of Slumber The Banished Heart 2018
Oceans Of Slumber Oceans Of Slumber 2020
Oceans Of Slumber Starlight And Ash 2022
Old Man's Child Born Of The Flickering 1996
Old Man's Child The Pagan Prosperity 1997
Old Man's Child Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion 1998
Old Man's Child Revelation 666: The Curse Of Damnation 2000
Old Man's Child In Defiance Of Existence 2003
Old Man's Child Vermin 2005
Old Man's Child Slaves Of The World 2009
Omnium Gatherum The Burning Cold 2018
Omnium Gatherum Origin 2021
Omnium Gatherum Slasher 2023
Only Living Witness Prone Mortal Form 1993
Only Living Witness Innocents 1995
Onward Evermoving 2001
Onward Reawaken 2002
Orphaned Land Mabool 2004
Orphaned Land The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR 2010
Orphaned Land The Road To OR-Shalem 2011
Orphaned Land All Is One 2013
Orphaned Land Unsung Prophets And Dead Messiahs 2018
Orphaned Land The Calm Before The Flood (The First Ever Acoustic Concert 2022
Orphaned Land A Heaven You May Create 2023
Paingod Paingod 1997
Paradise Lost In Requiem 2007
Paradise Lost Over The Madness 2007
Paradise Lost Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos 2009
Paradise Lost Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us 2009
Paradise Lost Draconian Times MMXI 2011
Paradise Lost Lost In Time 2012
Paradise Lost Tragic Idol 2012
Paradise Lost Tragic Illusion 2013
Paradise Lost The Plague Within 2015
Paradise Lost Symphony Of The Lost 2015
Passenger Passenger 2003
Penance Parallel Corners 1994
Pentagram Anatolia 1997
Periphery Juggernaut: Omega 2015
Periphery Juggernaut: Alpha 2015
Periphery III: Select Difficulty 2016
Peter And The Test Tube Babies Pissed And Proud
Poisonblack Escapexstacy 2003
Poisonblack Lust Stained Despair 2006
Poisonblack A Dead Heavy Day 2008
Poisonblack Of Rust And Bones 2010
Poltergeist Depression 1989
Poltergeist Behind My Mask 1991
Power Of Expression X-Territorial
Puncture Puncture 1994
Purgatory Purgatory 2018
Queensryche Queensryche 2013
Queensryche Condition Hüman 2015
Queensryche The Verdict 2019
Queensryche Digital Noise Alliance 2022
Radakka Malice And Tranquillity 1995
Radakka Requiem For The Innocent 1998
Rotten Sound
Rotten Sound From Crust 'Til Grind 2003
Rotting Christ
Rotting Christ Thy Mighty Contract 1992
Rotting Christ Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers 1996
Rotting Christ A Dead Poem 1997
Rotting Christ Sleep Of The Angels 1999
Rotting Christ Khronos 2000
Rotting Christ Genesis 2002
Rotting Christ In Domine Sathana 2003
Rotting Christ Sanctus Diavolos 2004
Rumble Militia They Give You The Blessing 1990
Rumble Militia Destroy Fascism 1990
Rumble Militia Stop Violence And Madness 1991
Rumble Militia Wieviel Hass Wollt Ihr Noch 1993
Runemagick The Supreme Force Of Eternity 1998
Runemagick Enter The Realm Of Death 1999
Runemagick Resurrection In Blood 2000
Runemagick Dark Dead Earth 2008
Ryker's Life's A Gamble ... So Is Death
Sacramentum The Coming Of Chaos 1997
Sacramentum Thy Black Destiny 1999
Samael Blood Ritual 1992
Samael 1987 - 1982 1994
Samael Ceremony Of Opposites 1994
Samael Rebellion 1995
Samael Passage 1996
Samael Exodus 1998
Samael Eternal 1999
Samael Black Trip 2003
Samael Aeonics - An Anthology 2007
Samael Original Album Collection 2015
Sanctuary The Year The Sun Died 2014
Sanctuary Inception 2017
Sanguisugabogg Tortured Whole 2021
Savage Messiah Demons 2019
Scar Culture Inscribe 2001
Scheitan Nemesis
Sentenced Shadows Of The Past 1991
Sentenced Love And Death 1995
Sentenced Amok 1995
Sentenced Down 1996
Sentenced Story: A Recollection 1998
Sentenced Frozen 1998
Sentenced Crimson 1999
Sentenced The Cold White Light 2002
Sentenced The Funeral Album 2005
Sentenced Buried Alive 2006
Sentenced Buried Alive 2006
Sentenced Manifesto Of Sentenced 2009
Shadow Shadow 2001
Shadows Fall Of One Blood 2000
Shadows Fall Deadworld 2001
Shadows Fall Fear Will Drag You Down 2002
Shadows Fall The Art Of Balance 2002
Shadows Fall The War Within 2004
Shadows Fall The Art Of Touring 2005
Shadows Fall Fallout From The War 2006
Sigh Imaginary Sonicscape 2001
Skinlab Bound, Gagged And Blindfolded 1997
Skinlab Eyesore 1998
Skinlab Disembody: The New Flesh 1999
Skinlab reVoltingRoom 2002
Slap SHot Olde Tyme Hardcore
Solefald Pills Against The Ageless Ills 2001
Solefald In Harmonia Universali 2003
Solstice Solstice 1992
Sonata Arctica Ecliptica 1999
Sonata Arctica Successor 2000
Sonata Arctica Silence 2001
Sonata Arctica Songs Of Silence 2002
Sonata Arctica Winterheart's Guild 2003
Spineshank Anger Denial Acceptance 2012
Spirit Adrift Enlightened In Eternity 2020
Spirit Adrift Forge Your Future 2021
Spirit Adrift 20 Centuries Gone 2022
Spirit Adrift Ghost At The Gallows 2023
StormHammer Fireball 2000
StormHammer Cold Desert Moon 2001
Strapping Young Lad Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing 1995
Strapping Young Lad City 1997
Strapping Young Lad No Sleep 'Til Bedtime - Live In Australia 1998
Strapping Young Lad SYL 2003
Strapping Young Lad Alien 2005
Strapping Young Lad The New Black 2006
Stress Factor 9 Brainwarp Mindspin 2006
Stuck Mojo Snappin' Necks 1995
Stuck Mojo Violated 1996
Stuck Mojo Pigwalk 1996
Stuck Mojo Rising 1998
Stuck Mojo HVY 1 1999
Stuck Mojo Declaration Of A Headhunter 2000
Stuck Mojo Violate This 2001
SubZero Happiness Without Peace
Suidakra Emprise To Avalon 2002
Suidakra Signs For The Fallen 2003
Sundown Design 19 1997
Sundown Glimmer 1999
Swallow The Sun Songs From The North I, II & III 2015
Swallow The Sun When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light 2019
Swallow The Sun Moonflowers 2021
Swallow The Sun 20 Years Of Gloom, Beautry And Despair: Live In Helsinki 2021
Tad Morose Undead 2000
Tad Morose Matters Of The Dark 2002
Tad Morose Modus Vivendi 2003
Tankard Disco Destroyer 1998
Tankard Kings Of Beer 2000
Tenet Sovereign 2009
TesseracT Concealing Fate 2010
TesseracT One 2011
TesseracT Perspective 2012
TesseracT Altered State 2013
Thanatos Global Purification 2014
The Agonist Once Only Imagined 2007
The Agonist Lullabies For A Dormant Mind 2009
The Agonist The Escape 2011
The Agonist Prisoners 2012
The Agonist Eye Of Providence 2015
The Agony Scene Get Damned 2007
The Business Keep The Faith
The Crown Doomsday King 2010
The Crown Death Is Not Dead 2015
The Forsaken Manifest Of Hate 2001
The Forsaken Arts Of Desolation 2002
The Forsaken Traces Of The Past 2003
The Forsaken Beyond Redemption 2012
The Gathering
The Gathering
The Gathering Mandylion 1995
The Gathering Nighttime Birds 1997
The Gathering How To Measure A Planet? 1998
The Gathering if_then_else 2000
The Gathering Superheat 2000
The Gathering In Motion 2002
The Gathering Sleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic Evening 2004
The Gathering Accessories: Rarities & B-Sides 2005
The Gathering Downfall 2008
The Haunted rEVOLVEr 2004
The Haunted The Dead Eye 2006
The Haunted Versus 2008
The Haunted Roadkill 2010
The Haunted Unseen 2011
The Haunted Exit Wounds 2014
The Haunted Strength In Numbers 2017
The Lurking Fear Out Of The Voiceless Grave 2017
The Man-Eating Tree Harvest 2011
Threshold European Journey 2015
Tiamat The Astral Sleep 1991
Tiamat Clouds 1992
Tiamat Wildhoney 1994
Tiamat Sleeping Beauty - Live Israel 1994
Tiamat Gaia 1995
Tiamat A Deeper Kind Of Slumber 1997
Tiamat Skeleton Skeletron 1999
Tiamat Judas Christ 2002
Tiamat Prey 2003
Tiamat The Church Of Tiamat 2006
Tiamat Commandments 2007
Tribulation The Children Of The Night 2015
Tribulation Melancholia 2016
Tribulation Lady Death 2017
Tribulation Down Below 2018
Tribulation Nightbound 2018
Tribulation Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern 2019
Tribulation Where The Gloom Becomes Sound 2021
Tribulation Hamartia 2023
Triptykon Melana Chasmata 2014
Triptykon Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019) 2020
Truckfighters V 2016
Turisas Battle Metal 2004
Turisas The Varangian Way 2007
Turisas A Finnish Summer With Turisas 2008
Turisas Stand Up And Fight 2011
Turisas 2013 2013
Turmoil From Bleeding Hands
Twin Obscenity Bloodstone
Ulver Nattens Madrigal 1996
Unanimated Annihilation 2018
Unanimated Victory In Blood 2021
Unearth Extinction(s) 2018
Unearth The Wretched; The Ruinous 2023
Unleashed Where No Life Dwells 1991
Unleashed Shadows In The Deep 1992
Unleashed Across The Open Sea 1993
Unleashed Live In Vienna '93 1994
Unleashed Victory 1995
Unleashed Eastern Blood - Hail To Poland 1996
Unleashed Warrior 1997
Unleashed Hell's Unleashed 2002
Unleashed Sworn Allegiance 2004
Unleashed Viking Raids - The Best Of Unleashed 2008
V/A Darkness We Feel - Volume II
V/A Am I Metal? Yes I Am!!!
V/A 21st Century Media Blitz
V/A Fueursturm
V/A Out Of The Dark
Vallenfyre A Fragile King 2011
Vallenfyre Splinters 2014
Vallenfyre Fear Those Who Fear Him 2017
Vampire Vampire 2014
Vampire Rex 2020
Veil Words Against Nothing
Venom Prison Erebos 2022
Vildhjarta Måsstaden 2011
Vital Remains Horrors Of Hell 2006
Vital Remains Icons Of Evil 2007
Voivod Voivod Lives 2000
Voivod Target Earth 2013
Voivod Post Society 2016
Voivod Silver Machine 2017
Voivod The Wake 2018
Voivod Always Moving 2018
Voivod The End Of Dormancy 2020
Voivod Lost Machine - Live 2020
Voivod Ultraman 2022
Voivod Synchro Anarchy 2022
Voivod Morgöth Tales 2023
Warbringer War Without End 2008
Warbringer Waking Into Nightmares 2009
Warbringer Worlds Torn Asunder 2011
Warbringer IV: Empires Collapse 2013
Warbringer Woe To The Vanquished 2017
Warrell Dane Praises To The War Machine 2008
Watain The Wild Hunt 2013
Watch Them Die Watch Them Die 2003
Watch Them Die Bastard Son 2005
Waylander Reawakening Pride Once Lost
Waylander Reawakening Pride Once Lost 1998
Wilderun Epigone 2022
Witchery Don't Fear The Reaper 2006
Witchery Witchkrieg 2010
Witchery In His Infernal Majesty's Service 2016
Witchery I Am Legion 2017
Witchery Nightside 2022
Witherfall Nocturnes And Requiems 2017
Witherfall A Prelude To Sorrow 2018
Witherfall Vintage 2019
Witherscape The Inheritance 2013
Witherscape The New Tomorrow 2014
Witherscape The Northern Sanctuary 2016
Wolf Ravenous 2009
Wolf Legions Of Bastards 2011
Wolf Devil Seed 2014
Wolf Feeding The Machine 2020
Wolf Shadowland 2022
Yakuza Way Of The Dead 2002
Zonaria The Cancer Empire 2008
Zonata Reality 2001
Zonata Buried Alive 2002

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