Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Death Metal
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Page online: August 14, 2016
Last update/review: August 14, 2016


Dan Swanö continues to make his case as one of the hardest working men in metal, as he's either led or been a part of countless bands over the years as well as produced several albums, and practically everything he touches has a stamp of quality. Witherscape is one of his more recent ventures, pairing up with relative unknown guitarist Ragnar Widerberg and releasing The Inheritance in 2013. In one sense, this is just what one might expect from Swanö nowadays -- Witherscape doesn't sound exactly like any of his previous bands, but there are bits and pieces of his past all over the place. Essentially this is a form of melodic, progressive death metal, with more emphasis on melodic and progressive than death. Swanö's always been able to handle both clean and harsh vocals, and he does both here to good effect. Widerberg is a real find, throwing out plenty of meaty riffs and leads with ease. There's quite a bit going on here, the songs ebb and flow nicely with plenty of variation. This album doesn't seem to have to gotten the attention that one might expect, but it's surely worth a listen, especially for anyone familiar with Swanö's previous work.

Current Members

Dan Swanö

vocals/drums/keyboards (ex-Bloodbath, ex-Edge Of Sanity, ex-Godgory, ex-Godsend, ex-Karaboudjan, Nightingale, ex-Pan-Thy-Monium, Dan Swanö)

Ragnar Widerberg



The Inheritance  
2013 Century Media
  1. And Hell Will Follow Me
  2. As Black as My Heart
  3. To Die in Your Arms
  4. Heroin Train
  5. Devil in the Closet
  6. Cracks in the Walls
  7. Bad Dream
  8. Bath in My Blood (Schizophrenia in Me)
  9. Pill Head
  10. Meet the Wolf
  11. Serial Killer
  12. When Crows Descend upon You
  13. Die Alone
  • Dan Swanö
  • Ragnar Widerberg

The New Tomorrow  EP
2014 Century Media
  1. . The New Tomorrow
  2. Defenders of Creation (Warrior cover)
  3. A World Without Heroes (KISS cover)
  4. Out in the Cold (Judas Priest cover)
  5. Dead for Another Day
  6. The New Tomorrow (Vinyl Mix)
  7. Defenders of Creation (Warrior cover) (Vinyl Mix)
  8. A World Without Heroes (KISS cover) (Vinyl Mix)
  9. Out in the Cold (Judas Priest cover) (Vinyl Mix)
  10. Dead for Another Day (Vinyl Mix)
  • Dan Swanö
  • Ragnar Widerberg

The Northern Sanctuary  
2016 Century Media
  1. Wake of Infinity
  2. In the Eyes of Idols
  3. Rapture Ballet
  4. The Examiner
  5. Marionette
  6. Divinity
  7. God of Ruin
  8. The Northern Sanctuary
  9. Vila i frid
  • Dan Swanö
  • Ragnar Widerberg

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