Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Last update/review: November 4, 2023


Runemagick is one of several bands featuring one Niklas Rudolfsson, a man who has kept himself busy in bands such as Sacramentum, Deathwitch, and others. A cursory description of 2003's Darkness Death Doom might be "doom metal with death vocals", but Runemagick is not quite a traditional doom metal band, nor a death metal band (save the vocals), and they aren't in the My Dying Bride-styled doomdeath camp either. No, the focus is on slow to mid-paced riffs (sometimes doom speed, sometimes a bit more uptempo), thick and meaty, and basically just plain heavy. The vocals are somewhat sparse, which is a good thing as it allows the listener to focus on the crushing riffs. DDD is a very good album, sure to please anyone into ultra-heavy metal.

Current Members

Niklas Rudolfsson

vocals/guitars (ex-Deathwitch, ex-Sacramentum, ex-Swordmaster)

Jonas Blom

guitars (ex-One Man Army And The Undead Quartet)

Emma Rudolfsson


Daniel Moilanen

drums (ex-Engel, Katatonia, ex-The Project Hate)

Former Members/Guests

Fredrik Johnsson

guitars (ex-Deathwitch)


The Supreme Force Of Eternity  
1998 Century Media
  1. At The Horizions End
  2. The Black Wall
  3. When Death Is The Key
  4. For You, My Death
  5. Curse Of The Dark Rune
  6. Nocturnal Creation
  7. The Supreme Force
  8. Sign Of Eternity pt. II
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Fredrik Johnsson

Enter The Realm Of Death  
1999 Century Media
  1. Hymn Of Darkness (intro)
  2. Enter The Realm Of Death
  3. Longing For Hades
  4. Dwellers Beyond Obscurity
  5. Abyss Of Desolation
  6. Beyond (The Horizons End...)
  7. Dethrone The Flesh
  8. Portal Of Doom
  9. Dreamvoid Serpent
  10. Call Of Tombs
  11. Lightworld Damnation
  12. Dark Necroshadows
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Fredrik Johnsson

Resurrection In Blood  
2000 Century Media
  1. Resurrection of the dark lord (intro)
  2. Reborn in necromancy
  3. Death Collector
  4. Dark dead earth
  5. Lord of the grave
  6. Choir of Hades
  7. Resurrection in blood
  8. Hail death
  9. Dominion of the Necrogods
  10. Demonstrosity
  11. The gates of Hades
  12. Return of the reaper
  13. Celebration of death (outro)
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Fredrik Johnsson

Requiem Of The Apocalypse  
2002 Aftermath
  1. Preludium -intro
  2. Temple Of Skin
  3. Beyond Life
  4. On Chariots To Hades
  5. Dawn Of The Lava Aeon
  6. One Road To Megiddo
  7. Bells Of Death
  8. Funeral Caravan
  9. Fields Of No Life
  10. Memorandum Melancholia
  11. The Secret Alliance
  12. Requiem Of The Apocalypse
  13. Landscape Of Souls -outro
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Fredrik Johnsson
  • Emma Rudolfsson
  • Daniel Moilanen

Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse  
2002 Aftermath
  1. Open The Gateway
  2. Grand Sabbath Pact
  3. Revolution Of The Dead
  4. Nocturnal Shrine
  5. Dark Deeds Of Temptation
  6. Witch Of The Purple Moon
  7. Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse
  8. Upon The Red Thrones
  9. The Necro Ambassador
  10. Hymn To The Northern Fire
  11. Goddess Of Protection
  12. Mlbeg II
  13. On Chariots To Hades (Bonus)
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Fredrik Johnsson
  • Emma Rudolfsson
  • Daniel Moilanen

Darkness Death Doom  
2003 Aftermath
  1. Intro - CDLXIV
  2. Ancient Incantations
  3. Eyes Of Kali
  4. The Venom
  5. Darken Thy Flesh
  6. Doomed
  7. Eternal Dark
  8. DDD
  9. Winter
  10. Outro - 444
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Emma Rudolfsson
  • Daniel Moilanen

On Funeral Wings  
2004 Aftermath
  1. Monolithic Death
  2. Rise Of The 2nd Moon
  3. On Funeral Wings
  4. Dragon Of Doom
  5. Hyperion
  6. Ocean Demon
  7. Emperor Of The Underworld
  8. Trifid Nebula
  9. The Doomsday Scythe
  10. Riders Of Endtime
  11. In A Darkened Tomb
  12. Black Star Abyss
  13. Wizard With The Magick Runes
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Emma Rudolfsson
  • Daniel Moilanen


Black Magick Sorceress  EP

Invocation Of Magick  

Dawn Of The End  
2007 Aftermath
  1. Dawn of The End
  2. Voyage To Desolation
  3. Chthonic Temple Smoke
  4. Retaliation
  5. Volcano Throne
  6. The Circle
  7. Magus of Fire
  8. Sabbatum Ad Infinitum
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Emma Rudolfsson
  • Daniel Moilanen

Dark Dead Earth  COMPILATION
2008 Century Media
  1. At the Horizon's End
  2. The Black Wall
  3. When Death Is the Key
  4. For You, My Death
  5. Curse of the Dark Rune
  6. Nocturnal Creation
  7. The Supreme Force
  8. Sign of Eternity Part II
  9. Hymn of Darkness
  10. Enter the Realm of Death
  11. Longing for Hades
  12. Dwellers Beyond Obscurity
  13. Abyss of Desolation
  14. Beyond (The Horizon's End)
  15. Dethrone the Flesh
  16. The Portal of Doom
  17. Dreamvoid Serpent
  18. The Call of Tombs
  19. Lightworld Damnation
  20. Dark Necroshadows
  21. The Malicious Paradise (Tiamat cover)
  22. Resurrection of the Darklord
  23. Reborn in Necromancy
  24. Death Collector
  25. Dark Dead Earth
  26. Lord of the Grave
  27. Choir of Hades
  28. Resurrection in Blood
  29. Hail Death
  30. Dominion of the Necrogods
  31. Demonstrosity
  32. The Gates of Hades
  33. Return of the Reaper
  34. Celebration of Death

Eternal Dark  EP

Bound In Magick Haze  EP

Evoked From Abysmal Sleep  
  1. After the End They Rise Again
  2. Evoked from Abysmal Sleep
  3. Runes of the Undead
  4. A Rising Fume of Returning Death
  5. Wisdom Keepers Resurrected
  6. An Anthem of Olden Magic
  7. Tomb to Womb
  8. A Shining Spirit from Beyond
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Emma Rudolfsson
  • Daniel Moilanen

The Opening Of Dead Gates  EP

Into Desolate Realms  
2019 High Roller
  1. Remnants of the Old
  2. Into Desolate Realms
  3. The Opening of Dead Gates
  4. Sorceress Reburned
  5. Decay to Nothing
  6. In the Sign of the Dragon Star
  7. Necromancer of the Red Sun
  8. After the Sepulchral Lava
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Jonas Blom
  • Emma Rudolfsson
  • Daniel Moilanen

Beyond The Cenotaph Of Mankind  
2023 Hammerheart
  1. Archaic Magick (After the Red Sun)
  2. Endless Night and Eternal End
  3. Revocation of Spectral Paths
  4. The Storm Rode Beyond the Firmament
  5. Nocturnal Deities of Winter
  6. Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind
  7. i/tracks//runm-1
  8. Enter the Realm of Death
  9. Longing for Hades
  10. Last Skull of Humanity
  11. Beyond Death
  • Niklas Rudolfsson
  • Jonas Blom
  • Emma Rudolfsson
  • Daniel Moilanen

Last Skull Of Humanity  EP
2023 Hammerheart
  • Niklas Rudolfsson

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