Origin: Germany  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: September 28, 2023


Formed by Lars Ratz (formerly of Zed Yago), Metalium was at first mislabeled a side project, due to the fact that the band originally featured members such as Chris Caffery (Savatage) and Mike Terrana (Yngwie Malmsteen and others). In fact, this is a fully actualized metal band, with a style set firmly in the European metal mold, with perhaps a nod to a more American sound akin to Iced Earth, while on the later State Of Triumph the German style (a la Gamma Ray) is a bit more prevalent. Metalium is breaking no new ground with releases like these, but the music is flawlessly executed, and in vocalist Henning Basse the band has a real find -- his voice is perfectly suited to this style of music, clear and able to reach the high notes as required. They had a solid run from 1999 to 2011 before disbanding, but after a short reunion in 2021, a new lineup (now without the deceased Ratz) emerged in 2023.

Current Members

Henning Basse

vocals (ex-Firewind, Withering Scorn)

Matthias Lange


Bruno Nunes


Fabio Carito


Marcus Dotta


Former Members/Guests

Chris Caffery

guitars (ex-Artension, ex-Doctor Butcher, Savatage)

Jack Frost

guitars (ex-The Bronx Casket Co., Seven Witches, ex-Speeed)

Lars Ranzenberger

bass (ex-Velvet Viper, ex-Viva) RIP: April 18, 2021, personal plane crash, age 53

Don Airey (guest)

keyboards (Deep Purple, ex-Fastway, ex-Michael Schenker Group, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Persian Risk, ex-Rainbow, ex-Sinner, ex-Whitesnake)

Mike Terrana

drums (ex-Artension, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Masterplan, ex-Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Rage, ex-Savage Circus, guest for Squealer, Vision Divine)

Mark Cross

drums (ex-At Vance, ex-Firewind, ex-Helloween, ex-Nightfall, guest for Saracen, ex-Winters Bane)

Michael Ehre

drums (Gamma Ray, Primal Fear)


Millennium Metal - Chapter One  
1999 Massacre
  1. Circle of fate
  2. Fight
  3. Dream of doom
  4. Break the spell
  5. Revelation
  6. Metalium
  7. Metamorphosis
  8. Void of fire
  9. Free forever
  10. Strike down the heathen
  11. Pilgrimage
  12. Metalians
  13. Smoke on the water
  • Henning Basse
  • Matthias Lange
  • Chris Caffery
  • Lars Ranzenberger
  • Mike Terrana

State Of Triumph - Chapter Two  
2000 Massacre
  1. The elements (Prelude)
  2. Steel avenger
  3. Years of darion
  4. Break out
  5. Erania
  6. Stygian flames
  7. Prophecy
  8. Eyes of the storm
  9. Inner sight
  10. Metalians triumph
  11. Music was my life
  • Henning Basse
  • Matthias Lange
  • Jack Frost
  • Lars Ranzenberger
  • Mark Cross

Hero-Nation - Chapter Three  
2002 Massacre
  1. Source Of Souls
  2. Revenge Of Tizona
  3. In The Name Of Blood
  4. Raspuitin
  5. Odin;s Spell
  6. Accused To Be A Witch
  7. Throne In The Sky
  8. Odyssey
  9. Fate Conquered The Power
  10. Infinite Love
  11. Heronation
  12. H.O.T.
  • Henning Basse
  • Matthias Lange
  • Lars Ranzenberger
  • Michael Ehre

As One - Chapter Four  
2004 Century Media
  1. Astral Avatar
  2. Warrior
  3. Pain Crawles [sic] in the Night
  4. Find Out
  5. No One Will Save You
  6. Meaning of Light
  7. Illuminated (Opus One)
  8. Meaning of Light (reprise)
  9. Athena
  10. Power Strikes the Earth
  11. Screaming in the Darkness
  12. Goddess of Love and Pain
  13. As One
  • Henning Basse
  • Matthias Lange
  • Lars Ranzenberger
  • Michael Ehre

Demons Of Insanity - Chapter Five  
2005 Armageddon
  1. Earth In Pain
  2. Power of Time
  3. Dreams of Insanity
  4. Cyber Horizon
  5. Ride On
  6. Endless Believer
  7. Sky Is Falling
  8. Destiny
  9. Mother Earth
  10. Out of the Silence
  11. Atrocity
  12. Silence of the Night
  13. Visions of Paradise
  14. One By One
  • Henning Basse
  • Matthias Lange
  • Lars Ranzenberger
  • Don Airey
  • Michael Ehre

Nothing To Undo - Chapter Six  
2007 Massacre
  1. Spineless Scum
  2. Spirits
  3. Mindeless
  4. Straight Into Hell
  5. Mental Blidness
  6. Heroes
  7. Way Home
  8. Dare
  9. Follow The Sign
  10. Show Must Go On
  11. Way Home (Orchestral version)
  • Henning Basse
  • Matthias Lange
  • Lars Ranzenberger
  • Michael Ehre

Incubus - Chapter Seven  
2008 Massacre
  1. Trust (Intro)
  2. Resurrection
  3. Gates
  4. Incubus
  5. Take me higher
  6. Never die
  7. At Armageddon
  8. Sanity
  9. Meet your maker
  10. Hellfire
  11. Soulchaser (Japan Bonus)

Grounded - Chapter Eight  
2009 Massacre
  1. Heavy Metal
  2. Light Of Day
  3. Pay For Fee
  4. Pharos Slavery
  5. Crossroad Overload
  6. Falling Into Darkness
  7. Alone
  8. Borrowed Time
  9. Once Loyal
  10. Lonely

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