Origin: Norway  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Last update/review: May 19, 2009

Old Man's Child

Old Man's Child was formed in 1989 by guitarist Thomas Rune Andersen (then using the stage name Grusom, now he goes by Galder) and Tjodalv, initially calling themselves Requiem. By 1993 a stable lineup had formed, the name change to Old Man's Child was made, and their music shifted from death metal to black metal. Galder has remained the one constant throughout their career, with numerous past and present members spending time in other bands, a common practice in the Norwegian black metal field. Though their base is clearly black metal, strains of thrash and death are sprinkled throughout their music. Galder has maintained a high standard of quality through each album's release.

Though Galder joined Dimmu Borgir some time ago, the band is still active, with the latest album Vermin released in late 2005.

Current Members

Galder (Thomas Rune Andersen)

guitars/vocals (Dimmu Borgir, ex-Dødheimsgard)

Former Members/Guests

Jardar (Jon Øyvind Andersen)

guitars (Insidious Disease)

Byrnjard Tristan (Ivar Tristan Lundsten)

bass (ex-Dimmu Borgir)

Gonde (Frode Forsmo)

bass (Funeral, ex-Tulus)

Memnoch (Håkon Didriksen)

bass (Susperia)

Kenneth Åkesson

drums (ex-Dimmu Borgir, Susperia)

Tony Kirkemo

drums (Chrome Division)

Gene Hoglan

drums (Dark Angel, Daemon, ex-Death, Dethklok, ex-Fear Factory, Mechanism, ex-Memorain, ex-Phantasm, ex-Strapping Young Lad, ex-Testament, ex-Tenet, ex-Devin Townsend, guest for Viking, Zimmers Hole)

Grimar (Jan Roger Halvorsen) (guest)


Nick Barker

drums (Brujeria, ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Lock Up)

Reno Kiilerich

drums (guest for Chthonic, ex-Panzerchrist)

Peter Wildoer (guest)

drums (ex-Agretator, ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Armageddon, Darkane, Non-Human Level, ex-Pestilence)


In The Shades Of Life  EP
1996 Hot
  1. St Aidens Fall
  2. Seeds Of The Ancient Gods
  3. Manet Sorgfull Igjennom Skogen
  4. The Old Man's Child
  5. Og Jeg Iakttok Dodsrikets Inntog
  • Galder
  • Jardar
  • Byrnjard Tristan
  • Kenneth Åkesson

Born Of The Flickering  
1996 Century Media
  1. Demons Of The Thorncastle
  2. Swallowed By A Buried One
  3. Born Of The Flickering
  4. King Of The Dark Age
  5. On Through The Desert Storm
  6. Christian Death
  7. The Last Chapter
  8. Leads To Utopia/Old Man's Dream
  • Galder
  • Jardar
  • Gonde
  • Kenneth Åkesson
1996 Readers' Album #94

The Pagan Prosperity  
1997 Century Media
  1. The Millennium King
  2. Behind The Mask
  3. Soul Possessed
  4. My Demonic Figures
  5. Doommaker
  6. My Kingdom Will Come
  7. Return Of The Nights Creature
  8. What Malice Embrace
  • Galder
  • Jardar
  • Gonde
  • Tony Kirkemo
1997 Readers' Album #51

Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion  
1998 Century Media
  1. Towards Eternity
  2. The Dream Ghost
  3. Demoniacal Possession
  4. Fall of Man
  5. Captives of Humanity
  6. God of Impiety
  7. My Evil Revelations
  8. Thy Servant
  • Galder
  • Gene Hoglan

Revelation 666: The Curse Of Damnation  
2000 Century Media
  1. Phantoms Of Mortem Tales
  2. Hominis Nocturna
  3. In Black Endless Void
  4. Unholy Vivid Innocence
  5. Passage To Pandemonium
  6. Obscure Divine Manifestation
  7. World Expiration
  8. Into Silence Embrace
  • Galder
  • Jardar
  • Memnoch
  • Kenneth Åkesson
  • Grimar

In Defiance Of Existence  
2003 Century Media
  1. Felonies Of The Christian Art
  2. Agony Of Fallen Grace
  3. Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
  4. In Defiance Of Existence
  5. Sacrifice Of vengeance
  6. The Soul Receiver
  7. In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams
  8. The Underworld Domains
  9. Life Depreived
  • Galder
  • Jardar
  • Nick Barker
2003 Readers' Album #27

2005 Century Media
  1. Enslaved And Condemned
  2. The Plague Of Sorrow
  3. War Of Fidelity
  4. In Torment's Orbit
  5. Lord Of Command [Bringer Of Hate]
  6. The Flames Of Deceit
  7. Black Marvels Of Death
  8. Twilight Damnation
  9. ... As Evil Descends
  • Galder
  • Reno Kiilerich
2005 Readers' Album #47

Slaves Of The World  
2009 Century Media
  1. Slaves Of The World
  2. Saviours Of Doom
  3. The Crimson Meadows
  4. Unholy Foreign Crusade
  5. Path Of Destruction
  6. The Spawn Of Lost Creation
  7. On The Devil's Throne
  8. Ferden Mot Fienden's Land
  9. Servants Of Satan's Monastery
  • Galder
  • Peter Wildoer
2009 Readers' Album #99

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