Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Last update/review: February 13, 2015


Armageddon is a band led by Christopher Amott, once in Arch Enemy and brother of fellow AE guitarist Michael Amott. At the time of Armageddon's debut album (Crossing The Rubicon) in 1997, Amott was playing in both bands concurrently, and soon after its release he announced that he couldn't devote time to both groups, deciding to focus on AE and put this band to bed. But three years later, and two years after that, new albums appeared, curiously released in Japan only, with varying lineups surrounding Amott. He continued playing with Arch Enemy until 2012, when he left the band for good and restarted Armageddon. A fourth album was released in January 2015.

Style-wise, Armageddon has gone through some changes in its short career. Rubicon has clear early Arch Enemy similarities (possibly due in part to brother Mike, who guests on the album), perhaps a shade more towards modern thrash and less towards death metal. The middle album, Embrace The Mystery, is not reviewed here, but the most recent album, Three, sounds absolutely nothing like Rubicon, instead opting for an upbeat, almost hard rock feel, mixed with the standard European power metal style of these times, with Amott capably taking on lead vocal chores for the first time in the band's career. It's a well-done album, though certainly a bit of a surprise to older fans of the band.

Current Members

Christopher Amott

guitars/vocals (ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Dark Tranquillity)

Joey Concepcion

guitars (ex-The Absence, Arch Enemy)

Sara Claudius

bass (ex-The Obsessed)

Marton Veress


Former Members/Guests

Jonas Nyren

vocals (ex-In Thy Dreams)

Rickard Bengtsson

vocals (ex-Last Tribe, ex-Tristitia)

Matt Hallquist


Martin Bengtsson

bass (ex-Arch Enemy)

Dick Lövgren

bass (ex-Last Tribe, Meshuggah)

Tobias Gustafsson

bass (ex-Eucharist)

Peter Wildoer

drums (ex-Agretator, ex-Arch Enemy, Darkane, Non-Human Level, guest for Old Man's Child, ex-Pestilence)

Daniel Erlandsson

drums (Arch Enemy, ex-Brujeria, ex-Eucharist, ex-In Flames)


Crossing The Rubicon  
1997 Wrong Again
  1. 2022
  2. Godforsaken
  3. The Juggernaut Divine
  4. Astral Adventure
  5. Funeral In Space
  6. Asteroid Dominion
  7. Galaxies Away
  8. Faithless
  9. Children Of The New Sun
  10. Into The Sun
  • Jonas Nyren
  • Christopher Amott
  • Martin Bengtsson
  • Peter Wildoer

Embrace The Mystery  
2000 Toy's Factory
  1. Awakening
  2. The Broken Spell
  3. Blind Fury
  4. Worlds Apart
  5. Cry Of Fate
  6. Illusions Tale
  7. Moongate Climber
  8. Embrace The Mystery
  9. Sleep Of Innocence
  10. Grain Of Sand
  • Rickard Bengtsson
  • Christopher Amott
  • Dick L√∂vgren
  • Daniel Erlandsson

2002 Toy's Factory
  1. Gathering Of The Storm
  2. Burn The Sun
  3. Stranglehold
  4. Heart Of Ice
  5. Well Of Sadness
  6. Rainbow Serpent
  7. Winter Skies
  8. Final Destination
  9. Spirit Kiss
  10. The Contact
  • Christopher Amott
  • Tobias Gustafsson
  • Daniel Erlandsson

Captivity & Devourment  
  1. Captivity & Devourment
  2. Locked In
  3. Rendition
  4. Fugitive Dust
  5. Conquer
  6. Thanatron
  7. Background Radiation
  8. The Watcher
  9. Equalizer
  10. Giants
  • Matt Hallquist
  • Christopher Amott
  • Joey Concepcion
  • Sara Claudius
  • Marton Veress

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