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Genres: Traditional Metal
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Purgatory was the original name of Iced Earth, recording three demos in the 80's under that name before switching in 1988 and debuting with the self-titled Iced Earth album a few years later. IE mainman Jon Schaffer decided to unearth several of those demo tracks, re-recording them with a lineup featuring a couple of his past bandmates as well as noted record producer Jim Morris (he of Morrisound Studio fame), and thus a five-track self-titled EP was released in 2018. Predictably, this sounds more like 80's indie metal than the more mature power metal that Iced Earth became famous for.

Current Members

Gene Adam

vocals (ex-Iced Earth)

Jon Schaffer

guitars (ex-Demons & Wizards, Iced Earth, ex-Sons Of Liberty)

Bill Owen


Former Members/Guests

Jim Morris (guest)

guitars (ex-Demons & Wizards, ex-Sons Of Liberty)

Ruben Drake (guest)

bass (ex-Sons Of Liberty)

Mark Prator (guest)

drums (ex-Demons & Wizards, ex-Iced Earth)


Purgatory  EP
2018 Century Media
  1. In Your Dreams
  2. Dracula
  3. In Jason's Mind
  4. Jack
  5. Burning Oasis
  • Gene Adam
  • Jon Schaffer
  • Bill Owen
  • Jim Morris
  • Ruben Drake
  • Mark Prator

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