Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal, Black Metal
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Last update/review: February 3, 2003


Tumulus, with the name change occuring just before their first demo in 1992. Their first official release came in 1995 (the MCD Finis Malorum) and by 1999 three albums had followed that initial release. The band's stated goal was to combine elements of both black and death metal, and on The Coming Of Chaos, that's precisely what they have done. There are clear influences from both camps, with black metal being slightly more dominating, though a touch of the melodic Swedish death style can be heard as well. The Coming Of Chaos is a good album, though arguably not the most memorable -- the band thrashes about energetically, the notes are all in the right places, but as is the case with many bands, they are members of a genre rather than leaders or innovators. Nonetheless, they are a fine addition to a death/black collection. Little has been heard from since their 1999 Thy Black Destiny release.

Last Lineup

Nisse Karlén


Anders Brolycke


Niclas Andersson

guitars (guest for Dimension Zero, Lord Belial)

Niklas Rudolfsson

drums/guitars (ex-Deathwitch, Runemagick, ex-Swordmaster)

Former Members/Guests

Freddy Andersson


Mikael Rydén



Finis Malorum  EP
1995 Adipocere
  1. Moonfog
  2. Travel With the Northern Winds
  3. Devide Et Impera
  4. Pagan Fire
  5. Finis Malorum (outro)
  • Nisse Karlén
  • Anders Brolycke
  • Freddy Andersson
  • Mikael Rydén

Far Away From The Sun  
1996 Adipocere
  1. Fog's kiss
  2. Far away from the sun
  3. Blood shall be spilled
  4. When night surrounds me
  5. Cries from a restless soul
  6. Obsolete tears
  7. Beyond all horizons
  8. The vision and the voice
  9. Outro - Darkness falls for me/Far away from the sun (Part II)
  • Nisse Karlén
  • Anders Brolycke
  • Niklas Rudolfsson

The Coming Of Chaos  
1997 Century Media
  1. Dreamdeath
  2. ...As Obsidian
  3. Awaken Chaos
  4. Burning Lust
  5. Abyss of Time
  6. Portal of Blood
  7. Black Destiny
  8. To the Sound of Storms
  9. The Coming of Chaos
  • Nisse Karlén
  • Anders Brolycke
  • Niklas Rudolfsson

Thy Black Destiny  
1999 Century Media
  1. Iron Winds (intro)
  2. The Manifestation
  3. Shun the Light
  4. Demonaeon
  5. Overlord
  6. Death Obsession
  7. Spiritual Winter
  8. Rapturous Paradise
  9. Weave of Illusion
  10. Thy Black Destiny
  • Nisse Karlén
  • Anders Brolycke
  • Niclas Andersson
  • Niklas Rudolfsson

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