Origin: Germany

Noise Records

Band Album Year
S.A.D.O. Shout 1984
Sinner Touch Of Sin 1985
Sinner Comin' Out Fighting 1986
S.A.D.O. Circle Of Friends 1987
Sinner Dangerous Charm 1987
S.A.D.O. Dirty Fantasy 1988
Tankard Hair Of The Dog 1989
Killing Joke Extremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions 1990
S.A.D.O. Sensitive 1990
Messiah Rotten Perish 1992
Running Wild Lead Or Gold 1992
Running Wild Pile Of Skulls 1992
Voivod The Best Of Voivod 1992
Messiah The Ballad Of Jesus 1994
Running Wild The Privateer 1994
Running Wild Black Hand Inn 1994
Capricorn Inferno 1995
Poverty's No Crime Symbiosis 1995
Zaxas Zaxas 1995
Stygma IV Solum Mente Infirmus 1998
Stygma IV The Court Of Eternity 1998
Morgana Lefay The Seventh Seal 1999
Morgana Lefay Symphony Of The Damned 1999
Warrant The Enforcer / First Strike (re-issue) 1999
Heavenly Coming From The Sky 2000
Kreator 1985 - 1992 Past Life Trauma 2000
Morgana Lefay SOS 2000
Heavenly Sign Of The Winner 2001
Symphorce phorcefulAhead 2002
Gamma Ray Skeletons In The Closet 2003
Running Wild 20 Years In History 2003
Seven Witches Passage To The Other Side 2003
Dyecrest The Way Of Pain 2004
Iron Savior Battering Ram 2004
Lake Of Tears Black Brick Road 2004
Superior Ultra-Live 2004
Symphorce Twice Second 2004
Gamma Ray Majestic 2005
Kamelot The Black Halo 2005
Helloween Live In The U.K. 1989
Skyclad Thinking Allowed 1993
Rage Refuge 1994
Virgin Steele The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell I 1995
Skyclad Old Rope 1996
Tragedy Divine Visions Of Power 1996
Virgin Steele The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell II 1996
Treasure Land Questions 1997
Treasure Land Gateway 1998
Virgin Steele Invictus 1998
Superior Younique 1999
Virgin Steele The House Of Atreus Act I 1999
Iron Fire Thunderstorm 2000
Virgin Steele The House Of Atreus Act II 2000
Virgin Steele Magick Fire Music 2000
Gamma Ray No World Order 2001
Iron Fire On The Edge 2001
Pentagram Unspoken 2001
Virgin Steele The Book Of Burning 2002
Virgin Steele Hymns To Victory (compilation) 2002
V/A Rock From Hell
Rated X Rock Blooded
V/A Death Metal
Grave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown 1984
St. Vitus St. Vitus 1984
Running Wild Gates To Purgatory 1984
Sinner Wild 'n Evil 1982
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales 1984
Ballantinez Charged
Warrant First Strike 1984
Grave Digger Witch Hunter 1985
Helloween Helloween 1985
V/A Metal Attack Vol. 1
Warrant The Enforcer 1985
Celtic Frost Emperor's Return 1985
Kreator Endless Pain 1985
Sinner Fast Decision 1983
Tyran Pace Long Live Metal 1985
Running Wild Branded And Exiled 1985
Celtic Frost To Mega Therion 1985
Helloween Walls Of Jericho 1985
Rosy Vista You Better Believe It
Grave Digger War Games 1986
Kreator Pleasure To Kill 1986
Rage Reign Of Fear 1986
Voivod Rrroooaaarrr 1986
Celtic Frost (EP Tragic Serenades 1986
Deathrow Riders Of Doom 1986
Tankard Zombie Attack 1986
Kreator Flag Of Hate 1986
Sinner Danger Zone 1984
Faithful Breath Live 1986
Digger Stronger Than Ever 1987
Asgard In The Ancient Days
Tyran Pace Watching You 1986
Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I 1987
Voivod Killing Technology 1987
Running Wild Under Jolly Roger 1987
Celtic Frost Into The Pandemonium 1987
Overkill Taking Over 1987
Rage Execution Guaranteed 1987
Coroner R.I.P. 1987
Deathrow Raging Steel 1987
Hellhammer Apocalyptic Raids 1984
Celtic Frost
Tankard Chemical Invasion 1987
Sabbat History Of A Time To Come 1988
Kreator Terrible Certainty 1987
Vendetta Go And Live, Stay And Die 1987
V/A Doomsday News
Voivod Dimension Hatross 1988
Running Wild Ready For Boarding 1988
Scanner Hypertrace 1988
Rage Perfect Man 1988
Turbo Last Warrior 1988
V2 V2
Running Wild Bad To The Bone 1989
Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II 1988
Coroner Punishment For Decadence 1988
Helter Skelter Welcome ...
Vendetta Brain Damage 1988
Running Wild Port Royal 1988
Tankard The Morning After 1988
Deathrow Deception Ignored 1988
Celtic Frost Cold Lake 1988
Destruction Live Without Sense 1989
Mania Wizard Of The Lost Kingdom
Midas Touch Presage Of Disaster 1989
Kreator Extreme Aggression 1989
Tankard Alien 1989
Sabbat Dreamweavers 1989
Mordred Fool's Game 1989
Rage Invisible Horizons 1989
Destruction Cracked Brain 1990
Rage Secrets In A Weird World 1989
Coroner No More Color 1989
Mania Changing Times
Watchtower Control And Resistance 1989
Scanner Terminal Earth 1990
London Playa Del Rock
Lanadrid Sister Alley
D.A.M. Human Wreckage 1990
Gamma Ray Heading For Tomorrow 1990
Gamma Ray Heaven Can Wait 1991
Dave Sharman 1990
Bathory Hammerheart 1990
Agressor Neverending Destiny 1990
V/A Doomsday News III
Tankard The Meaning Of Life 1990
Secrecy Art In Motion 1990
Kreator Coma Of Souls 1990
Mordred In This Life 1991
Rage Reflections Of A Shadow 1990
ADX Weird Visions 1990
Sabbat Mourning Has Broken 1991
Skyclad Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth 1991
D.A.M. Inside Out 1991
Grinder Nothing Is Sacred 1991
Tankard Fat, Ugly And Live 1991
Lemming Project Extinction
Rage Extended Power 1991
Running Wild Blazon Stone 1991
Running Wild Death Or Glory 1989
Running Wild Wild Animal 1990
Coroner Mental Vortex 1991
Gamma Ray Sigh No More 1991
Fleischmann Power Of Limits
Naked Sun Naked Sun
Secrecy Raging Romance 1991
Messiah Choir Of Horrors 1991
Running Wild The First Years Of Piracy 1991
Dave Sharman Exit Within
Skyclad A Burnt Offering For The Bone Idol 1992
Mordred Visions 1992
Rage Trapped! 1992
Tankard Stone Cold Sober 1992
Celtic Frost Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying 1992
Exciter Kill After Kill 1992
Kreator Renewal 1992
Skyclad Tracks From The Wilderness 1992
Lemming Project Hate And Despise
Celtic Frost Vanity/Nemesis 1990
Kreator Out Of The Dark ... Into The Light 1988
Rage Beyond The Wall 1992
Gamma Ray Insanity And Genius 1993
Fleischmann Fleischwolf
Crusher Corporal Punishment
Crusher Act II: Undermine
Burning Heads Burning Heads
Skyclad Jonah's Ark 1993
Coroner Grin 1993
Mordred The Next Room 1994
Coroner Coroner 1995
Helicon Helicon
Juggernaut Black Pagoda 1993
Rage The Missing Link 1993
Conception Parallel Minds 1993
Rage Ten Years In Rage 1994
Kreator Scenarios Of Violence 1996
Kamelot Eternity 1995
Gamma Ray Land Of The Free 1995
Skyclad The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea 1995
Conception In Your Multitude 1995
Conception The Last Sunset 1993
Tankard Two-Faced 1994
Grave Digger Best Of The Eighties 1994
Sinner Germany Rocks - The Best Of 1994
Skyclad Prince Of The Poverty Line 1994
Gunja Manic Aggression
Messiah Underground 1994
Shihad Churn 1994
Shihad Killjoy 1995
Running Wild Masquerade 1995
Gamma Ray Silent Miracles 1996
Gamma Ray Alive '95 1996
Shihad Shihad 1997
Kamelot Dominion 1996
Conception Flow 1997
Mercury Rising Upon Deaf Ears 1994
Gamma Ray Somewhere Out In Space 1997
Iron Savior Iron Savior 1997
Pissing Razors Pissing Razors 1998
Mercury Rising Building Rome 1998
Iron Savior Unification 1999
Kamelot Siege Perilous 1998
Symphorce Truth To Promises 1999
Gamma Ray Powerplant 1999
Pissing Razors Cast Down The Plague 1999
Iron Savior Interlude 1999
Kamelot The Fourth Legacy 2000
Gamma Ray Blast From The Past 2000
Symphorce Sinctuary 2000
Pissing Razors Fields Of Disbelief 2000
Iron Savior Dark Assault 2001
Kamelot The Expedition 2000
Kamelot Karma 2001
Seven Witches Xiled To Infinity And One 2002
Iron Savior Condition Red 2002
Kamelot Epica 2003
Tankard The Tankard 1995

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