Origin: England  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: June 27, 2015


Arguably one of Britain's best thrash bands ever, Sabbat had quite an original style, owing much to Martin Walkyier's venomous, rapid-fire vocal delivery, and tight, precise, and often-changing riffing. They released two outstanding albums in the late eighties, but friction between various band members started to develop, some of which was centered around Walkyier's continuation of his pagan lyrical themes. Bassist Frazer Craske left, and then so did Walkyier, who went on to form the highly successful Skyclad. A revamped lineup recorded and released Mourning Has Broken in 1991, but this album lacked almost everything that made the first two albums so unique, and thus is often a forgotten part of the Sabbat story. Sensing that their time had past, the band disbanded in the middle of their UK tour soon after the album's release. Guitarist Andy Sneap later formed a band called Godsend and has since become a highly regarded metal record producer, having produced albums by Skinlab, Exodus, and others. There have been a couple of reformation attempts over the years, the last taking place around 2010, but the band appears dead for good now.

Note: no relation to Sabbat, a Japanese thrash/death metal band.

Last Lineup

Martin Walkyier

vocals (ex-Skyclad)

Andy Sneap

guitars (Hell)

Simon Jones


Gizz (Graham Butt)

bass (ex-English Dogs, English Dogs (1), ex-Pyogenesis)

Simon Negus


Former Members/Guests

Ritchie Desmond


Neil Watson


Fraser Craske

bass (Ravens Creed)

Wayne Banks

bass (ex-Blaze, Holy Mother, Persian Risk)


History Of A Time To Come  
1988 Noise
  1. Intro (instr)
  2. A Cautionary Tale
  3. Hosanna In Excelsis
  4. Behind The Crooked Cross
  5. Horned Is The Hunter
  6. I For An Eye
  7. For Those Who Died
  8. A Dead Man's Rob (instr)
  9. The Church Bizzare
  • Martin Walkyier
  • Andy Sneap
  • Fraser Craske
  • Simon Negus

1989 Noise
  1. The Beginning of the End
  2. The Clerical Conspiracy
  3. Advent of Insanity
  4. Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?
  5. The Best of Enemies
  6. How Have the Mighty Fallen?
  7. Wildfire
  8. Mythistory
  9. Happy Never After
  • Martin Walkyier
  • Andy Sneap
  • Simon Jones
  • Fraser Craske
  • Simon Negus

Mourning Has Broken  
1991 Noise
  1. The Demise Of History
  2. Theological Void
  3. Paint The World Black
  4. Dumbstruck
  5. The Voice Of Time
  6. Dreamscape
  7. Without A Trace
  8. Mourning Has Broken
  • Ritchie Desmond
  • Andy Sneap
  • Neil Watson
  • Wayne Banks
  • Simon Negus

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