Origin: USA

Magic Circle Records

Band Album Year
Bludgeon Crucify The Priest 2002
Bludgeon World Controlled 2006
Burning Starr Defiance 2009
David Shankle Group Ashes To Ashes 2003
David Shankle Group Hellborn 2007
Feinstein Third Wish 2003
Holyhell Apocalypse 2007
Holyhell Holyhell 2009
Holyhell Darkness Visible - The Warning 2012
Manowar The Absolute Power 2006
Manowar Gods Of War 2007
Manowar Gods Of War Live 2007
Manowar Thunder In The Sky 2009
Manowar Battle Hymns MMXI 2010
Manowar The Lord Of Steel 2012
Manowar The Lord Of Steel Live 2013
Manowar Kings Of Metal MMXIV 2014
Manowar The Final Battle I 2019
Manowar Highlights From The Revenge of Odysseus 2022
Metalforce Metalforce 2009

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