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Genres: 80's Metal
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Last update/review: July 31, 2022

Burning Starr

Burning Starr is a solo band of guitarist Jack Starr, one-time guitarist of Virgin Steele and several other bands (in some cases, such as Devil Childe, playing under a pseudonym), as well as recording several solo albums under his name alone (not featured here). Reviewed here is 1986's No Turning Back, a fairly straightforward hard rock/metal offering typical of the times, with a style that is a bit dated today but wasn't bad for the time. For whatever reasons Burning Starr was usually relegated to second division status, though they did command a fair following during their short run in the eighties. The project has been dormant since 1989 (Starr has done other things in the interim, among them Guardians Of The Flame), but the name was revived in 2009 and a new album has been released, Defiance.

Recent album: Souls Of The Innocent, released on July 15, 2022.

Current Members

Alex Panza


Jack Starr

guitars (ex-Devil Childe, ex-Guardians Of The Flame, ex-Phantom Lord, ex-Virgin Steele)

Ned Meloni

bass (ex-Devil Childe, ex-Guardians Of The Flame, ex-Phantom Lord)

Kenny Earl Edwards

drums (ex-Death Dealer, ex-Forgotten Realm, ex-Holyhell, ex-Manowar)

Former Members/Guests

Frank Vestry


Mike Tirelli

vocals (ex-Holy Mother)

Todd Michael Hall

vocals (Riot)

Bruno Ravel


Keith Collins

bass (ex-Savatage)

William Fairchild


Dave Defeis


Edward Spahn


Greg D'Angelo


Mark Edwards


Jim Harris

drums (ex-Holy Mother)


Rock The American Way  
1985 Passport
  1. Rock The American Way
  2. It's Your Arms Again
  3. Woman
  4. Heat Of The Night
  5. Born To Rock
  6. She's On Fire
  7. Live Fast, Rock Hard
  8. Fight The Thunder
  • Frank Vestry
  • Jack Starr
  • Bruno Ravel
  • Greg D'Angelo

No Turning Back  
1986 Napalm
  1. No Turning Back
  2. Light In The Dark
  3. Fire And Rain
  4. Call Of The World
  5. Road Warrior
  6. Prelude In C Minor
  7. Evil Never Sleeps
  8. Path Of Destruction
  9. M-1
  10. Avenging Angel
  11. Run For Your Life
  12. Coda
  • Mike Tirelli
  • Jack Starr
  • Keith Collins
  • Dave Defeis
  • Mark Edwards

Blaze Of Glory  
1987 US Metal
  1. Stand Up And Fight
  2. Overdrive
  3. Blaze Of Glory
  4. F.F.Z. (Free Fire Zone)
  5. Go Down Fighting
  6. Burning Starr
  7. Mad At The World
  8. Mercy Killer
  9. Metal Generation
  10. Excursion
  • Mike Tirelli
  • Jack Starr
  • William Fairchild
  • Jim Harris

Burning Starr  
1988 US Metal
  1. Send Me An Angel
  2. Bad Times
  3. Fool For Love
  4. Hold Back The Night
  5. Love Can't Wait
  6. Out Of The Blue
  7. New York Women
  8. Tear Down The Wall
  9. Break The Ice
  10. Remember Tomorrow
  11. Good Girls Gone Bad
  • Mike Tirelli
  • Jack Starr
  • William Fairchild
  • Edward Spahn
  • Jim Harris

2009 Magic Circle
  1. Inquisitor
  2. Once And Future King
  3. Defiance
  4. Day Of The Reaper
  5. Indian Nation
  6. Black Clouds Of Thanos
  7. The King Must Die
  8. Ancient Ones
  9. Catch The Rainbow
  10. The Beast Inside
  11. Evil Never Sleeps (Live MC Festival 2008)
  • Todd Michael Hall
  • Jack Starr
  • Ned Meloni
  • Kenny Earl Edwards

Land Of The Dead  
2011 Limb Music
  1. Land Of The Dead
  2. Sands Of Time
  3. Twilight Of The Gods
  4. Stranger In Paradise
  5. Here We Are
  6. Warning Fire
  7. Daughter Of Darkness
  8. When Blood And Steel Collide
  9. On The Wings Of The Night
  10. Never Again
  11. Until The End
  • Todd Michael Hall
  • Jack Starr
  • Ned Meloni
  • Kenny Earl Edwards

Stand Your Ground  
2017 High Roller
  1. Secrets We Hide
  2. The Enemy
  3. Stand Your Ground
  4. Hero
  5. Destiny
  6. The Sky Is Falling
  7. Worlds Apart
  8. Escape from the Night
  9. We Are One
  10. Stronger than Steel
  11. False Gods
  12. To the Ends
  • Todd Michael Hall
  • Jack Starr
  • Ned Meloni
  • Kenny Earl Edwards

Keep The Metal Burning _ Live In Germany  LIVE
2018 Skol
  1. Go Down Fighting
  2. The Flame That Never Dies
  3. Blaze of Glory
  4. Land of the Dead
  5. Day of the Reaper
  6. No Turning Back
  7. Sands of Time
  8. Conspiratos Sanctos
  9. Burning Starr
  10. Evil Never Sleeps

Souls Of The Innocent  
2022 Global Rock
  1. The Ascension
  2. Demons Behind Me
  3. I Am the Sinner
  4. River of Blood
  5. Souls of the Innocent
  6. Winds of War
  7. Ships in the Night
  8. Crawling Chaos
  9. Road to Hell
  10. All Out War
  11. Where Eagles Fly
  12. When Evil Calls
  • Alex Panza
  • Jack Starr
  • Ned Meloni
  • Kenny Earl Edwards

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