Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: November 21, 2002
Last update/review: September 11, 2006


A rising band from Chicago, Bludgeon is receiving quite a bit of press due to being discovered by Manowar's Joey DeMaio, who not only made them the first band signed to his new Magic Circle label, but produced their debut album to boot. Crucify The Priest has nothing in common with Manowar, but it is a pretty solid thrash/death metal effort, with a fine production and chock full of crunchy, mostly mid-paced riffs. A shade more variety would be helpful, but this is a fine debut album.

Current Members

Mark Duca

vocals/rhythm guitar

Eric Karol


Matt Dezynski


Former Members/Guests

Carlos Alvarez

lead guitar


Inner Hell  
1998 self-released
  1. Smoke Screen
  2. Fleshkill
  3. Programmed Embryo
  4. Abduction
  5. Crucify The Priest
  6. Redemption Through Blood
  7. Devour The Unholy
  8. Inner Hell
  9. Offering
  • Mark Duca
  • Carlos Alvarez
  • Eric Karol
  • Matt Dezynski

Crucify The Priest  
2002 Magic Circle
  1. Smoke Screen
  2. Idle Distinction
  3. Tortured Through Lies
  4. Zero Tolerance
  5. Last Rites
  6. Voluntary Manslaughter
  7. Crucify The Priest
  8. Abandoned
  9. Bound
  10. Inner Hell
  11. Turmoil
  12. Stained In Blood
  • Mark Duca
  • Eric Karol
  • Matt Dezynski

World Controlled  
2006 Magic Circle
  1. Carnage Begins
  2. Refuse The True
  3. Unholy Murder
  4. Hunt Or Be Hunted
  5. Awakening
  6. Out Of Reach
  7. Infidel
  8. Bitter Emptiness
  9. World Controlled
  10. Consumed
  11. Save Your Servant

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