Origin: Mexico  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: May 4, 2004


Cenotaph were veterans of the Mexican death metal scene, having formed in 1989. Original vocalist Daniel Corchado left after one album, moving on to Incantation and now The Chasm. Most of Cenotaph's material is rooted in old-school death metal, with the exception of their last album Saga Belica, where the emphasis is more on death-tinged thrash metal, with shrieking vocals from Edgardo Gonzalez. They disbanded in 2002.

Last Lineup

Edgardo Gonzalez


Samuel Ocadiz


Roberto Granados


Eduardo Guevara


Oscar Clorio


Former Members/Guests

Daniel Corchado

vocals/bass (The Chasm, ex-Incantation)

Cesar Sánchez


Julio Viterbo

guitars (The Chasm, Question Of Madness)

Guillermo Delgado







The Gloomy Relfection Of Our Hidden Sorrows  
1992 Horus
  1. Requiem For A Soul Required
  2. Ashes In The Rain
  3. ... A Red Sky
  4. Evoked Doom
  5. Tenebras Apparitions
  6. The Spiritless One
  7. Infinite Meditation Of An Uncertain Existence In The Cosmic Solitude
  8. Repulsive Odor Of Decomposition
  • Daniel Corchado
  • Cesar S├ínchez
  • Guillermo Delgado
  • Oscar Clorio

Riding On Black Oceans  
1994 Oz
  1. The Solitudes
  2. Severance
  3. Grief To Obscuro
  4. Macabre Locus Celesta
  5. Among The Abrupt
  6. Infinitum Valet
  7. The Silence Of Our Black Oceans
  8. Soul Profundis
  9. Ectasia Tenebrae
  • Edgardo Gonzalez
  • Julio Viterbo
  • Pala
  • Curro
  • Oscar Clorio

Epic Rites (9 Epic Tales Of Death Rites)  
1996 Oz
  1. Intro
  2. Crying Frost
  3. Lorn Ends
  4. Navegate
  5. Towards The Umbra
  6. As The Darkness Borns
  7. Angered Tongues
  8. Epic Rites
  9. Dethroned Empire
  10. Thornes Of Fog
  • Edgardo Gonzalez
  • Julio Viterbo
  • Pala
  • Curro
  • Oscar Clorio

Saga Belica  
2002 Oz
  1. Iron Peaks And Fists
  2. Holocausto Riot
  3. Everlasting Command
  4. Hurricane Cenotaph
  5. Owners Torment
  6. Lambs For Wolfs
  7. Necrocommandments
  8. Saga Belica
  • Edgardo Gonzalez
  • Samuel Ocadiz
  • Eduardo Guevara
  • Oscar Clorio

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