Origin: Sweden
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Threeman Recordings

Catalog # Band Album Year
God Among Insects Zombienomicon 2006
Entombed Serpent Saints 2007
Entombed Clandestine / Malmö 2017
TRECD001 Entombed To Ride, Shoot Straight, And Speak The Truth 1997
TRECD002 Entombed Wreckage 1997
TRECD003 Haystack Slave Me
TRECD004 Entombed Same Difference 1998
TRECD005 Entombed Uprising 2000
TRECD006 Entombed Morning Star 2001
TRECD007 Murder Squad Ravenous, Murderous 2003
TRECD008 The Project Hate Killing Helsinki 2002
TRECD009 Entombed Inferno 2003
TRECD010 The Project Hate Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate 2003
TRECD011 Alpha Safari Commercial Suicide
TRECD012 Damnation Destructo Evangelia
TRECD013 God Among Insects World Wide Death 2004
TRECD014 The Mighty Nimbus The Mighty Nimbus 2004
TRECD015 Entombed Unreal Estate 2004
TRECD016 Entombed Sons Of Satan Praise the Lord 2002
TRECD017 Vicious Art Fire Falls And The Waiting Waters
TRECD018 Nihilist Nihilist
TRECD019 The Project Hate Armageddon March Eternal 2005
TRECD022 Entombed When In Sodom 2006

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