Origin: Hollywood, Florida, USA  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: May 19, 2017

Wykked Wytch

The name Wykked Wytch might conjure up images of a glam band or perhaps power metal, but in fact Wykked Wytch is a black metal band hailing from Florida of all places. Fronted by charismatic female vocalist Ipek (who also pretty much runs the show, given the many lineup changes surrounding her over the years), the band has toiled for a few years, managing two albums since 1996. Musically, many point to early Cradle Of Filth as a comparison, and at least vocally, it's an apt comparison, since Ipek's unholy shrieking does at times sound like Dani Davey. Overall, though, it's a more low-budget, simplistic version of COF here, Wykked Wytch not yet showing the depth in songwriting of Dani and crew. Though not yet in the upper echelon of black metal bands, fans of genre may still find something of interest here, and perhaps the band's third album (Nefret, released in the spring of 2004) will build on the foundation layed out thus far.

Current Members

Ipek Warnock


Nate Poulson


Kenny B.


Salvatore LoPresti


Steve Brubaker


Former Members/Guests

Mark Warlokk




Gio Geraca

guitars (ex-Malevolent Creation)

Sean Young


Barry Meyers


Sean Tibbetts

bass (Kamelot)

Harry Ketterer


John Rae


Chris Morini (guest)


Kevin Talley (guest)

drums (Absence Of The Sacred, ex-Chimaira, ex-Daath, ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Misery Index, ex-Six Feet Under, ex-Them)


Something Wykked This Way Comes  
1996 Cauldron
  1. Wytch's Sabbath
  2. In Darkness Let Me Dwell
  3. Resurrection
  4. Black Widow
  5. Psychotic Waltz
  6. Dripping Blood
  7. Expect No Mercy
  8. Requiem
  9. Voices Are Calling
  10. Farewell To The Coven
  • Ipek Warnock
  • Mark Warlokk
  • Barry Meyers
  • Harry Ketterer

Angelic Vengeance  
2001 Demolition
  1. Angelic Vengeance
  2. To Die... Before My Time
  3. Fuck Your Lord
  4. Venomiss
  5. Forgiveness Denied
  6. Rising From The Abyss
  7. Bastards Are Mine
  • Ipek Warnock
  • David
  • Salvatore LoPresti
  • John Rae

2004 Demolition
  1. Nefret
  2. Fatal Intentions
  3. Eternal Lies
  4. Illfate
  5. Seduced By Fear
  6. Many Lives
  7. Trauma
  8. The Soul Awaits
  9. Cursed Destiny
  • Ipek Warnock
  • Gio Geraca
  • Sean Young
  • Sean Tibbetts
  • Salvatore LoPresti
  • Steve Brubaker

Memories Of A Dying Whore  
2007 Perish
  1. Memories Of A Dying Whore
  2. Desperation
  3. Bloodstained Tears
  4. Awakened
  5. Suffering Through The Years
  6. Wishing Sickness
  7. Sweet Dreams
  8. Plagued By Delusions
  9. Shrouded In Ash
  10. Beneath Our Skin
  • Ipek Warnock
  • Gio Geraca
  • Salvatore LoPresti
  • Chris Morini

The Ultimate Deception  
2012 Goomba
  1. Birthing the Beast
  2. The Ultimate Deception
  3. Serpents Among Us
  4. Despised Existence
  5. Prayers of the Decapitated
  6. When the Sleepers Rise
  7. Ecstasy
  8. Fade to Black (Metallica cover)
  9. Abolish the Weak
  10. Eyes of a Vulture
  • Ipek Warnock
  • Nate Poulson
  • Salvatore LoPresti
  • Kevin Talley

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