Origin: Singapore  
Genres: Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Page online: October 10, 2008
Last update/review: January 30, 2010

Absence Of The Sacred

Absence Of The Sacred is a multi-national band, based in Singapore but consisting of members from Indonesia and the US as well as Singapore. Their style straddles the line between death and thrash metal, as the vocals are clearly in the death camp but the music sometimes sides toward traditional thrash in addition to some nice death riffing. The production is fine with a few rough edges, which is a good thing given the current trend toward pristine ProTools production jobs. This is a band worth checking out, as they manage to inject a touch of originality into the songs without losing focus.

Current Members

Mike Priest



lead guitar

Mike Kalember


Kevin Talley

drums (ex-Chimaira, ex-Daath, ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Misery Index, ex-Six Feet Under, ex-Them, guest for Wykked Wytch)

Former Members/Guests






Atrocities That Birthed Abomination  
2006 self-released
  1. I (Intro)
  2. The Malignant Strain
  3. My Vendetta
  4. Fallen into Obscurity
  5. Our Glorious Dead
  6. Grifter
  7. Deadening The Dispirited
  8. Atrocities That Birthed Abominations
  9. IX (Outro)
  • Mike Priest
  • Justin
  • Hans

Era Of The Apostate  
2008 self-released
  1. Anno Domini
  2. Era Of The Apostate
  3. Catalysts For Cataclysms
  4. The Divine Failure
  5. These Hollow Graves
  6. Elements Of Reprisal
  7. A Past Revived
  8. Empires Of The Fallen
  9. Unholy War
  • Mike Priest
  • Darren
  • Mike Kalember
  • Hans

Come Hither O Herald Of Death  
  1. To Delve In Dreamless Sleep
  2. Enslave Fire
  3. The Quandary Of Flesh
  4. Oracle
  5. Veneration Unorthodox
  6. Perpetual Decline
  7. The Necropolitan
  8. Recesses Of The Hollow
  9. Enlightenment Despised
  10. Dawn Of A Dead Aeon
  • Mike Priest
  • Darren
  • Mike Kalember
  • Kevin Talley

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