Origin: California, USA  
Genres: Nu-Metal, Alternative Metal
Last update/review: July 14, 2005


Systematic's rather short life was punctuated by a few notable items, one being their signing to Lars Ulrich's short-lived record label (one of the first, and few, to do so), and another being the recruitment of noted thrash drummer Paul Bostaph, who has played with several Bay Area thrash bands over the years. Their music is a bit on the nu-metal side, though more of a hard alternative style rather than the stereotypical style of, say, Korn. Despite decent reviews and major label backing, the band never really found its niche, and following an April show in 2004, they decided to break up. Vocalist Tim Narducci recently joined a revamped and renamed Manmade God, who are now going by the name Spiralarms.

Last Lineup

Tim Narducci

vocals/guitars (ex-Tyrannicide)

Adam Ruppel

guitars/backing vocals

John Bechtel

bass (ex-Fireball Ministry)

Paul Bostaph

drums (ex-Exodus, ex-Forbidden, Kerry King, Slayer, ex-Testament)

Former Members/Guests

Nick St. Denis

bass (ex-Pro-Pain)

Phillip Bailey



Somewhere In Between  
2001 Elektra
  1. Dopesick
  2. Beginning of the End
  3. Return to Zero
  4. Glass Jaw
  5. Deep Colors Bleed
  6. Mailbomb
  7. Bedsores
  8. Slowburn
  9. Somewhere In Between
  10. Of a Lesser God
  11. Pitch Black
  12. If Only
  13. Thick Skin
  • Tim Narducci
  • Adam Ruppel
  • Nick St. Denis
  • Phillip Bailey

Pleasure To Burn  
2003 Elektra
  1. Not Like You
  2. Breakable
  3. Infected
  4. Right Before You
  5. Shine
  6. The Water Cure
  7. They Say (My Soul Was Lost)
  8. Pleasure to Burn
  9. Change
  10. Where We Live and Die
  11. Leaving Only Scars
  12. Jane Doe
  13. I'll Get By
  • Tim Narducci
  • Adam Ruppel
  • John Bechtel
  • Paul Bostaph

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