Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Hard Rock, Power Metal
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Page online: March 23, 2008
Last update/review: April 30, 2008

Ride The Sky

Ride The Sky was a new Swedish (mostly) band forming in 2006 and releasing their debut album (New Protection) a year later, with their name no doubt a reference to the classic Helloween song (indeed, well-travelled drummer and onetime Helloween sticksman Uli Kusch helped form this group). But if the band name derived from Helloween, the music was less derivative of that band -- this is power metal, but more of the melodic, hard rock-inspired variety rather than the speedier stuff that Helloween pioneered back in the day. This wasn't revolutionary material (indeed, there were similarities to two of Kusch's other recent bands, Beautiful Sin and Masterplan), and those into the heavier/extreme end of the metal spectrum aren't going to find much here, but the album got some good reviews and things seemed to be looking up for the group. Unfortunately, both the band and the record label seemed to have lost interest in pushing the band forward, and by April 2008 Ride The Sky was done.

Last Lineup

Bjorn Jansson


Benny Jansson

guitars/backing vocals

Mathias Garnås


Henning Ramseth

keyboards/guitars (Ram-Zet)

Uli Kusch

drums (ex-Beautiful Sin, ex-Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Mekong Delta, ex-Masterplan, guest for Sinner, ex-Symfonia)

Former Members/Guests

Kaspar Dahlqvist

keyboards (ex-Dionysus, ex-Stormwind, ex-Treasure Land)


New Protection  
2007 Nuclear Blast
  1. New Protection
  2. A Smile From Heaven's Eye
  3. Silent War
  4. The Prince Of Darkness
  5. Break The Chain
  6. Corroded Dreams
  7. The End Of Days
  8. Far Beyond The Stars
  9. Black Cloud
  10. Endless
  11. Heaven Only Knows
  12. A Crack In The Wall
  • Bjorn Jansson
  • Benny Jansson
  • Mathias GarnĂ¥s
  • Kaspar Dahlqvist
  • Uli Kusch

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