Origin: Norway  
Genres: Power Metal
Page online: October 5, 2007
Last update/review: June 23, 2015

Beautiful Sin

This new power metal band has major-league pedigree, starting with well-travelled drummer (and band founder) well-travelled German metal drummer ever) and also featuring guys with ties to bands such as Pagan's Mind, Narnia, and Masterplan. Style-wise, this isn't a dramatic departure for any of the members, but on the other hand it's not pure prog metal like Pagan's Mind, nor is it Euro power metal like several of Kusch's past works. The Unexpected is best described as melodic metal (not keyboard-dominated, though they are present) with some hard rock tendencies as well as an occasional heavier edge. Vocalist Magali Luyten (the sole relative unknown here) puts forth an impressive performance, as she has a husky yet forceful voice well-suited to this kind of metal, perhaps in the same ballpark as Benedictum's Veronica Freeman. This looks to be a one-off project as the band never recorded again.

Last Lineup

Magali Luyten

vocals (ex-Nightmare)

Jørn Viggo Lofstad

guitars (ex-Jorn, Pagan's Mind)

Carl Johan Grimmark

guitars (ex-Narnia, guest for Saviour Machine)

Steinar Krokmo

bass (ex-Jorn, Pagan's Mind)

Axel Mackenrott

keyboards (Masterplan)

Uli Kusch

drums (ex-Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Mekong Delta, ex-Masterplan, ex-Ride The Sky, guest for Sinner, ex-Symfonia)


The Unexpected  
2006 AFM
  1. Lost
  2. This is Not the Original Dream
  3. Take Me Home
  4. I'm Real
  5. The Spark of Ignition
  6. Closer to my Heart
  7. Give up Once for All
  8. Brace for Impact
  9. Pechvogel
  10. Metalwaves
  11. The Beautiful Sin
  12. Le Reve Originel (European Bonus Track)
  • Magali Luyten
  • Jørn Viggo Lofstad
  • Carl Johan Grimmark
  • Steinar Krokmo
  • Axel Mackenrott
  • Uli Kusch

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