Origin: England  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: January 27, 2008
Last update/review: May 20, 2017


This UK duo has been gaining in popularity recently, signing to Candlelight for their 2006 release Behind The Shadows Lie Madness following a couple of releases on the smaller Golden Lake label. At its core, Mithras' style is best described as choppy, crunchy Floridian death metal (several point to Morbid Angel as a influence), but with sci-fi lyrics and an odd, spacey soloing style that ties in with the futuristic lyrical theme. Science fiction and death metal rarely meet (though, see Nocturnus for one shining example of exactly this), but Mithras seem to be on to something here. The psychedelic soloing might be distracting to hardened death fans, since at times it's a bit incongruous, but to these ears it's a pretty original (and well done) effect. These guys aren't in the upper echelon of death metal just yet, but to their credit they are a bit unique, and still with room to grow.

Current Members

Leon Macey


Former Members/Guests

Rayner Coss


Sam Bean

vocals/bass (ex-The Berzerker, Werewolves)

Ben White



Forever Advancing ... Legions  
2002 Golden Lake
  1. Forever Advancing...... Legions
  2. Trample Their Works
  3. Sloping Altars
  4. Arena Sands
  5. Amidst The Fallen Arches
  6. The Green Wanderer Returns
  7. Wrath Of God
  8. As The Wind Blows
  9. Vae Solis
  10. Dreaming In Splendour
  11. Tomb Of Kings
  12. What Lies Beyond
  • Rayner Coss
  • Leon Macey
  • Ben White

Worlds Beyond The Veil  
2003 Golden Lake
  1. Portal To The...
  2. Worlds Beyond The Veil
  3. Bequeath Thy Visions
  4. The Caller And The Listener
  5. Break The Worlds' Divide
  6. Lords And Masters
  7. Psyrens
  8. Voices In The Void
  9. The Sands Of Time
  10. Search The Endless Planes
  11. They Came And You Were Silent
  12. Transcendence
  13. Beyond The Eyes Of Man
  • Rayner Coss
  • Leon Macey

Behind The Shadows Lie Madness  
2006 Candlelight
  1. The Journey And The Forsaken
  2. To Fall From The Heavens
  3. Under The Three Spheres
  4. Into Black Holes Of Oblivion
  5. When The Light Fades Away
  6. Behind The Shadows
  7. Awaken Man And Stone
  8. The Twisted Tower
  9. To Where The Sun Never Leaves
  10. The Beacon Beckons
  11. Thrown Upon The Waves
  12. Into The Unknown
  • Rayner Coss
  • Leon Macey

Sands Of Time - Early Demos And Rarities  COMPILATION
2010 self-released
  1. Gods among men
  2. Ancient prophecy
  3. The caller and the listener
  4. Bequeath thy visions
  5. Transcendence
  6. Vae Solis
  7. Dreaming in splendour
  8. Wrath of God
  9. Tomb of kings
  10. As the wind blows
  11. Conquered realms
  12. Gods among men
  13. Ancient prophecy
  14. Plagued lands

Time Never Lasts  EP
2011 self-released
  1. Time Never Lasts
  2. Inside The Godmind
  3. Tomb Of Kings (live)
  4. Wrath Of God (live)
  5. Beyond The Eyes Of Man (live)
  • Rayner Coss
  • Leon Macey

On Strange Loops  
  1. Why Do We Live?
  2. When the Stars Align
  3. The Statue on the Island
  4. Part the Ways
  5. Odyssey's End
  6. Howling of the Distant Spaces
  7. Between Scylla and Charybdis
  8. Time Never Lasts
  9. The Last Redoubt
  10. Inside the Godmind
  11. The Outer Dark
  12. On Strange Loops
  • Rayner Coss
  • Leon Macey

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