Origin: Bradford, England  
Genres: Nu-Metal
Last update/review: May 10, 2024

Kill II This

Kill II This achieved some minor cult popularity during their run, clearly trying to find a niche without mindlessly following the trend of the day. Their debut, Kill II This (later re-released as Another Cross II Bare), was a somewhat pedestrian aggro-metal affair, with gruff vocals and somewhat simplistic songwriting. Things improved on the next two albums (Deviate and Trinity are not reviewed here, but the prevailing opinion is that they are far better than the debut), the band beginning to broaden its wings and experiment a bit. By the time of their fourth album, 2003's mass.(down.)-sin.(drone), the band had gone through two member overhauls (guitarist Mark Mynett the sole original member), with their style drifting into nu-metal territory, though they are a shade more diverse than that tag usually implies, with nice touches such as the Middle Eastern guitar stylings on "Winter Green", and an improved vocal performance by new man Phil Bretnall. After yet another quiet period, Mynett put the band back in action in 2014, and a new album was finally released in 2024.

Recent album: Variant, released on May 10, 2024.

Current Members

Simon Gordon

vocals (ex-Hellfighter, ex-Xentrix)

Mark Mynett


Pete Stone

bass (ex-Cage)

Jeff Singer

drums (ex-Blaze, ex-My Dying Bride, ex-Paradise Lost)

Former Members/Guests

Nick Arlea

vocals (ex-King Goat)

Matt Pollock


Phillip Bretnall


Caroline Campbell


Ben Calvert

drums (ex-Killing Joke)

Steve Rooney



Another Cross To Bare  
  1. Subversive
  2. The Wicker Man
  3. Blessed Are The Blind
  4. Another Cross II Bare
  5. Questions
  6. Ascension
  7. Bleeding
  8. Stillborn
  9. My Reality
  10. Burn
  11. Brainwash
  • Nick Arlea
  • Mark Mynett
  • Pete Stone
  • Jeff Singer

  1. Soundtrack To Murder
  2. Kill Your Gods
  3. Freedom Of Speech
  4. The Flood
  5. Generation Pain
  6. Funeral Around My Heart
  7. This World
  8. Mourning Sickness
  9. Crucified
  10. Faith Rape
  11. Twisted
  12. Spiral Of Despair
  • Matt Pollock
  • Mark Mynett
  • Caroline Campbell
  • Ben Calvert

  1. Art, Emotion, Religion
  2. Figure Of Eight
  3. G.O.D on Drugs
  4. 2 Tribes
  5. This Is The N.E.W.S
  6. Spiritual Darkness
  7. The Way Of All Flesh
  8. Trinity
  9. Heal The Separation
  10. Guided By Voices
  • Matt Pollock
  • Mark Mynett
  • Ben Calvert

Mass. [Down.]-Sin. (Drone.)  
  1. The Truth...And Other Lies
  2. Frame By Frame
  3. The Universe In A Nutshell
  4. Gender Re-Assignment
  5. Winter Green
  6. SpineGlass
  7. Circles
  8. Suburbanality
  9. Typhoid & Swans
  10. Plan B
  • Phillip Bretnall
  • Mark Mynett
  • Pete Stone
  • Steve Rooney

  • Simon Gordon
  • Mark Mynett
  • Pete Stone
  • Jeff Singer

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