Origin: London, England  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: November 18, 2008
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Once named as Dām (though no relation to another British band named D.A.M.), this London-based group formed in 1998 and released several demos before Emperor's Samoth saw them and helped them get signed to Candlelight, releasing two albums in 2005 and 2007. Essentially the style here is mid-paced, semi-technical death metal with a few black metal touches, with vocals that are more blackened core-ish rather than the more standard deeper death growls. Around 2016 the name shifted to Danim.

Current Members

Nathan Underwood


Nik Sampson

guitars (Benediction, Devilment)

Faust Perez


Flow Toulman


Former Members/Guests

Lal Vipulananthan


Edd Amos


Erik Heino


Daniel Rumbol


Jaime Gomez


Brad Merry



Purity: The Darwinian Paradox  
2005 Candlelight
  1. Spiritual Void
  2. City of Envy
  3. No God With Me
  4. Come to Dust
  5. Ruin
  6. Journey Into the Sun
  7. Body Temples of Sorrow
  8. Fury
  9. Intermission
  10. Fortunes of Need
  11. Frightening and Obscene
  12. Forensic Clinicism / The Sanguine Article
  • Nathan Underwood
  • Lal Vipulananthan
  • Erik Heino
  • Daniel Rumbol
  • Jaime Gomez

The Difference Engine  
2007 Candlelight
  1. The Difference Engine
  2. Eyeballing
  3. Outside
  4. Mirror-Image Ritual
  5. Made Of Beasts
  6. Gangrene. Purulence. Impact
  7. A Wound That Never Heals
  8. New Quest
  9. This Has Nothing To Do With Apathy
  • Nathan Underwood
  • Daniel Rumbol
  • Brad Merry

A Fine Game Of Nil  
  1. In a Language They Understand
  2. Descendant of Amalek
  3. Beyond the Call of Emptiness
  4. Something for the Weakened
  5. NecroKino
  6. Body Is Broken
  7. Rising of the Lights
  8. Existential Epiphany Within a Waking Dream
  9. All I Want to Know Is How It Ends
  • Nathan Underwood
  • Edd Amos
  • Faust Perez
  • Flow Toulman

World Turned Hell  EP
  1. World Turned Hell
  2. To Catch A Falling Knife
  3. In A Language They Understand (live)
  4. Descendant Of Amalek (live)

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