Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Crossover
Last update/review: September 8, 2004


Nowadays the merging of metal and hardcore is quite common, common enough to coin the phrase metalcore. A similar concept was practiced in the 80's, though the sound was quite different, and back then it was called crossover. Crumbsuckers was one of the more well-known such bands (and arguably one of the most metallic), with their 1986 album Life Of Dreams regarded as a classic of said genre, mixing hardened guitars (almost thrash, though thrash hadn't yet fully caught on) with the looseness of punk/hardcore. They followed up with Beast On My Back two years later, but the more metallic leanings of that album weren't as well received by fans, and by the early nineties the band was finished. Several members embarked on a melodic metal venture called Heavy Rain, but that band was short-lived. The rhythm section of Gary Meskil and Dan Richardson went on to Pro-Pain, while Chuck Lenihan ended up with Genitorturers.

Last Lineup

Chris Notaro


Marc Piovanetti

guitars (Carnivore)

Chuck Lenihan

guitars (ex-Genitorturers)

Gary Meskil

bass (Pro-Pain)

Dan Richardson

drums (ex-Life Of Agony, ex-Pro-Pain, ex-Stereomud)

Former Members/Guests

Dave Wynn


Robert Koebler



Life Of Dreams  
1986 Combat
  1. Just Sit There
  2. Trapped
  3. Interlude
  4. Super Tuesday
  5. Shits Creek
  6. Return To The Womb
  7. Longest War
  8. Shot Down
  9. Prelude
  10. Life Of Dreams
  11. Brainwashed
  12. Face Of Death
  13. Hubrub
  14. Bullshit Society
  15. Live To Work
  16. Mr. Hyde
  • Chris Notaro
  • Dave Wynn
  • Chuck Lenihan
  • Gary Meskil
  • Dan Richardson

Beast On My Back  
1988 Combat
  1. Breakout
  2. Jimmie's Dream
  3. Charge
  4. Initial Shock
  5. I Am He
  6. Connection
  7. Rejuvenate
  8. Remembering Tomorrow
  9. Beast On My Back
  • Chris Notaro
  • Robert Koebler
  • Chuck Lenihan
  • Gary Meskil
  • Dan Richardson

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