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Genres: Industrial
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Led by outrageous frontwoman Gen, the Genitorturers are one of those bands far more well-known for their live shows and alternative lifestyles than for their music. Apparently the Genitortures live experience can include S&M, elaborate body piercings, sexual excapades, and who knows what else. As such, it's easy to focus on that aspect of the band and dismiss the music, and it might not be surprising if the music wasn't all that great, if that were the case. But on the contrary, the music is actually quite good, a catchy techno/eletronic metal hybrid (a rough stab at their sound might be a cross between Rammstein and Marilyn Manson with female vocals) that is quite entertaining and effective. This is an odd band for a death metal bassist to end up, but this is the precisely the case with David Vincent, formerly of Morbid Angel (though it makes somewhat more sense when one realizes that he is married to Gen). Quite the interesting band.

Current Members



Eric Griffin

guitars (ex-Murderdolls)

Ryan Seelbach


Kris D.K.


Former Members/Guests

Jerry Outlaw

guitars (Jon Oliva's Pain)

Chuck Lenihan

guitars (ex-Crumbsuckers)

Bizz (Bryce Bernius)


Sean Colpoys


Evil D (David Vincent)

bass (ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Terrorizer)

A. Wolfgang Reckhart


Racci Shay Hart

drums (ex-Murderdolls)

Angel (Andrew Bartolotta)



120 Days Of Genitorture  
1993 IRS
  1. 120 Days
  2. Reality Check
  3. Velvet Dreams
  4. House Of Shame
  5. Pleasure In Restraint
  6. Lesser Gods
  7. Jackin' Man
  8. River's Edge/Strip The Flesh
  9. Force Fed
  10. Crack Track
  • Gen
  • Jerry Outlaw
  • Sean Colpoys
  • A. Wolfgang Reckhart

Sin City  
1998 Cleopatra
  1. Sin City
  2. Terrorvision
  3. Liars Lair
  4. One Whos Feeds
  5. Squealer
  6. 4 Walls Black
  7. Asphyxiate
  8. Razor Cuts
  9. Level 3
  10. Crucified
  • Gen
  • Chuck Lenihan
  • Evil D
  • Racci Shay Hart

Machine Love (remixes)  
1999 Cleopatra
  1. Stitch In Time (Dave Ogilvie & Scott Humphrey Mix)
  2. Touch Myself (Dave Ogilvie & Scott Humphrey Mix)
  3. Machine Love (Evil D & Sketchy Mix)
  4. Sin City (KMFDM Remix)
  5. One Who Feeds (Dave Ogilvie Remix)
  6. 4 Walls Black (Razed In Black Remix)
  7. Asphyxiate (Interface Remix)
  8. Procession (Dave Ogilvie Mix)

Flesh Is The Law  EP
2002 Dreamcatcher
  1. Lecher Bitch
  2. Flesh Is The Law
  3. Public Enemy #1
  4. House Of Shame (live)
  5. Guns Are Good
  6. Terrorvision (live)
  7. Live In 120 Days
  • Gen
  • Chuck Lenihan
  • Evil D
  • Angel

Blackheart Revolution  
2009 MVD
  1. Revolution
  2. Kabangin' All Night
  3. Devil In a Bottle
  4. Louder
  5. Falling Stars
  6. Take It
  7. Confessions of a Blackheart
  8. Cum Junkie
  9. Vampire Lover
  10. Tell Me
  • Gen
  • Bizz
  • Evil D

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