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Peaceville Records

Formed as a punk label in 1987 by the man known everywhere as Hammy (real name Paul Halmshaw), Peaceville rose to prominence in the early 90's as a prime doom and doomdeath label (indeed, the Big 3 of doomdeath, that being Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, and Anathema, were all labelmates at one point) and has continued to excel as one of the best British metal labels around.

Band Album Year
Abscess Through The Cracks Of Death 2001
Acrimony Tumuli Shroomaroom 1997
Akercocke The Goat Of Mendes 2000
Akercocke Renaissance In Extremis 2017
Anathema The Crestfallen 1992
Anathema Serenades 1993
Anathema The Silent Enigma 1995
Anathema Pentecost III 1995
Anathema Eternity 1996
Anathema Alternative 4 1998
Anathema Judgement 1999
Anathema A Fine Day To Exit 2001
Anathema Resonance 2001
Anathema Resonance 2 2002
Asgaroth Red Shift
At The Gates The Red In The Sky Is Ours 1991
At The Gates With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness 1992
At The Gates Terminal Spirit Disease 1994
At The Gates Suicidal Final Art 2001
Autopsy Severed Survival 1990
Autopsy Retribution For The Dead 1991
Autopsy Mental Funeral 1991
Autopsy Fiend For Blood 1991
Autopsy Acts Of The Unspeakable 1992
Autopsy Shit Fun 1995
Autopsy Torn From The Grave 2001
Autopsy Dark Crusades 2006
Autopsy The Tomb Within 2010
Autopsy Macabre Eternal 2011
Autopsy All Tomorrow's Funerals 2012
Autopsy Born Undead 2012
Autopsy The Headless Ritual 2013
Autopsy Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves 2014
Autopsy Skull Grinder 2015
Autopsy After The Cutting 2015
Autopsy Puncturing The Grotesque 2017
Autopsy Critical Madness: The Demo Years 2018
Autopsy Sign Of The Corpse 2018
Autopsy Live In Chicago 2020
Autopsy Morbidity Triumphant 2022
Autopsy Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts 2023
Barren Earth Our Twilight 2009
Barren Earth The Curse Of The Red River 2010
Barren Earth The Devil's Resolve 2012
Behemoth Abyssus Abyssum Invocat 2011
Beyond Dawn Electric Sulking Machine 1999
Beyond Dawn Frysh 2003
Blackstar Barbed Wire Soul 1997
Bloodbath (MCD) Unblessing The Purity 2008
Bloodbath The Wacken Carnage 2008
Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery 2008
Bloodbath Bloodbath Over Bloodstock 2011
Bloodbath Grand Morbid Funeral 2014
Bloodbath The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn 2018
Cancer Shadow Gripped 2018
Cancer Ballcutter 2019
Candlemass Behind The Wall Of Doom 2016
Candlemass Dynamo Doom 2019
Cradle Of Filth Evermore Darkly ... 2011
Cradle Of Filth Midnight In The Labyrinth 2012
Darkthrone A Blaze In The Northern Sky 1991
Darkthrone Soulside Journey 1991
Darkthrone Under A Funeral Moon 1993
Darkthrone Transylvanian Hunger 1994
Darkthrone The Cult Is Alive 2006
Darkthrone F.O.A.D. 2007
Darkthrone NWOBHM 2007
Darkthrone Dark Thrones And Black Flags 2008
Darkthrone Circle The Wagons 2010
Darkthrone The Underground Resistance 2013
Darkthrone Arctic Thunder 2016
Darkthrone Old Star 2019
Darkthrone Eternal Hails ... 2021
Darkthrone Astral Fortress 2022
Darkthrone It Beckons Us All 2024
Dominion Interface 1996
Dominion Blackout 1997
Doom Total Doom
Dødheimsgard A Umbra Omega 2015
Dødheimsgard Black Medium Current 2023
Electric Hippies The Only Good Punk
Fleurety The White Death 2017
GGFH The Very Beast Of ...
Gallhammer Ill Innocence 2007
Gallhammer The Dawn Of 2007
Gallhammer Beyond The Hatred 2007
Gallhammer The End 2011
Hellripper The Affair Of The Poisons 2020
Hellripper Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags 2023
Isengard Vinterskugge
Katatonia Tonight's Decision 1999
Katatonia Teargas 2001
Katatonia Last Fair Deal Gone Down 2001
Katatonia Tonight's Music 2001
Katatonia Viva Emptiness 2003
Katatonia The Black Sessions 2005
Katatonia The Great Cold Distance 2006
Katatonia Live Consternation 2007
Katatonia Night Is The New Day 2009
Katatonia The Longest Year 2010
Katatonia Dead End Kings 2012
Katatonia Last Fair Day Gone Night 2013
Katatonia Kocytean 2014
Katatonia The Fall Of Hearts 2016
Katatonia Proscenium 2017
Katatonia The Great Cold Distance 2017
Katatonia Dead Air 2020
Katatonia City Burials 2020
Katatonia Mnemosynean 2021
Khold Til Endes 2014
Kong Mute Poet Vocalizer 1990
Kong Phlegm 1992
Kong 88-95 2001
Kong What It Seems Is What You Get 2009
Lid In The Mushroom 1997
Madder Mortem Desiderata 2006
Madder Mortem The Eight Ways 2009
Madder Mortem Where Dream And Day Collide 2010
Mayhem Live In Zeitz 2016
Mayhem Live In Jessheim 2017
Mayhem Live In Sarpsborg 2017
Morta Skuld Dying Remains 1993
Morta Skuld As Humanity Fades 1994
Morta Skuld For All Eternity 1995
Morta Skuld Re-Surface: The Best Of Morta Skuld 2005
Morta Skuld Wounds Deeper Than Time 2017
Morta Skuld Suffer For Nothing 2020
Morta Skuld Creation Undone 2024
Mortuary Drape Black Mirror 2023
My Dying Bride Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium 1991
My Dying Bride As The Flower Withers 1992
My Dying Bride The Thrash Of Naked Limbs 1993
My Dying Bride I Am The Bloody Earth 1994
My Dying Bride Turn Loose The Swans 1994
My Dying Bride The Angel And The Dark River 1995
My Dying Bride Trinity 1995
My Dying Bride Like Gods Of The Sun 1996
My Dying Bride 34.788% ... Complete 1998
My Dying Bride The Light At The End Of The World 1999
My Dying Bride Meisterwerk 1 2000
My Dying Bride The Dreadful Hours 2001
My Dying Bride Meisterwerk 2 2001
My Dying Bride The Voice Of The Wretched 2002
My Dying Bride Anti-Deluvian Chronicles 2004
My Dying Bride Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light 2004
My Dying Bride A Line Of Deathless Kings 2006
My Dying Bride For Lies I Sire 2009
My Dying Bride Bring Me Victory 2009
My Dying Bride The Barghest O'Whitby 2011
My Dying Bride Evinta 2011
My Dying Bride A Map Of All Our Failures 2012
My Dying Bride The Manuscript 2013
My Dying Bride Feel The Misery 2015
My Dying Bride For Darkest Eyes (Live In Krakow) 2022
Novembre Materia 2006
Novembre Blue 2007
Novembre Ursa 2016
Opeth Still Life 1999
Opeth Blackwater Park 2001
Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes 2007
Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes 2008
Paradise Lost Lost Paradise 1990
Paradise Lost Gothic 1991
Pentagram Day Of Reckoning 1987
Pentagram Be Forewarned 1994
Pentagram Turn To Stone 2002
Pentagram Show 'Em How 2004
Pentagram Curious Volume 2015
Pentagram All Your Sins 2015
Pitchshifter Industrial 1991
Ship Of Fools Let's Get This Mother ...
Sigh Shiki 2022
Soundisciples Audio Manifesto
Tekton Human Race Ignition
The Blood Divine
The Blood Divine Awaken 1996
The Blood Divine Mystica 1997
The Blood Divine Rise Pantheon Dreams 2002
The Great Deceiver A Venom Well Designed 2002
The Great Deceiver Terra Incognito 2004
The Provenance Red Flags 2006
Therion Of Darkness ... 1991
Thine In Therapy
Toranaga Bastard Ballads 1988
Vital Remains Let Us Pray 1992
Vital Remains Into Cold Darkness 1995

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