Origin: Canada
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Band Album Year
Anvil This Is Thirteen 2007
Atheretic Apocalyptic Nature Fury
Augury Concealed 2004
Blinded By Faith Under An Occult Sun
Blinded By Faith Veiled Hideousness
Bloodshoteye An Unrelenting Assault
Camilla Rhodes Like The Love ...
Coprofago Unorthodox Creative Criteria 2005
Cryptopsy Ungentle Exhumation 2002
D.B.C. Unreleased 2002
Descend Into Nothingness Darkened Reality
Despised Icon Consumed By Your Poison 2002
Disphoria Sleep And Fly Away
Eclipse Eternal Reign Of The Unholy Blackened Emp
Eradykate Rektaliation
Fate Odyssey
Ghoulunatics Mystralengine 2000
Ghoulunatics King Of The Undead 2001
Ghoulunatics It's A Live! 2004
Ghoulunatics Sabacthany 2004
Ghoulunatics Cryogénie 2006
Gorguts ... And Then Comes Lividity - Demo Anthology 2003
Horfixion Instigators Of Chaos 2002
Horfixion Self Inflicted Hell 2004
Horfixion The Art Of Agony 2009
Infernal Majesty One Who Points To Death 2004
Magister Dixit Infernal Martyrism
Martyr Hopeless Hopes 1997
Martyr Warp Zone 2000
Martyr Feeding The Abscess 2006
Martyr Havoc In Quebec City 2008
Meatlocker Seven Depression Earth 2004
Neuraxis Truth Beyond ... 2002
Neuraxis Imagery - A Passage Into Forlorn (re-release) 2004
Neuraxis Live Progression 2007
Quills Quills
Shades Of Dusk Caress The Despair
Shaolin Gaining Freedom ..
Soothsayer To Be A Real Terrorist 2007
Soothsayer Troops Of Hate 2013
Soulscar Victim Impact Statement 2004
Soulscar Endgame 2006
Torn Within Allied With Bitterness
Unexpect (MCD) We, Invaders 2003
Unquintessence Ruined
Vortex Imminence Of Death

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