Origin: Germany

Cyclone Empire Records

Band Album Year
A Canorous Quintet The Quintessence 2013
Black Sun Aeon Darkness Walks Besides Me 2009
Black Sun Aeon Routa 2010
Down Among The Dead Men Down Among The Dead Men 2013
Down Among The Dead Men Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy! 2015
Ereb Altor Fire Meets Ice 2013
Ereb Altor The Lake Of Blood 2014
Ereb Altor Nattramn 2015
Ereb Altor Blot - Ilt - Taut 2016
Feral Where Dead Dreams Dwell 2015
Feral From The Mortuary 2016
Fragments Of Unbecoming The Everhaunting Past - Chapter IV 2009
Fragments Of Unbecoming The Art Of Coming Apart 2012
Isole The Calm Hunter 2014
Mirror Of Deception Shards 2006
Mirror Of Deception A Smouldering Fire 2010
Mythological Cold Towers Immemorial 2011
Ophis Effigies Of Desolation 2013
Ophis Abhorrence In Opulence 2014
Paganizer Scandinavian Warmachine 2009
Paganizer Into The Catacombs 2011
Paganizer World Lobotomy 2013
Paganizer 20 Years In A Terminal Grip 2014
Pentagram Chile The Malefice 2013
The Grotesquery Tales Of The Coffin Born 2010
The Grotesquery The Facts ANd Terrifying Testament Of Mason Hamilton 2012
The Grotesquery Curse Of The Skinless Bride 2015
Warning Bridges 2010

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