Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: October 31, 2010
Last update/review: April 24, 2019

White Wizzard

Los Angeles' White Wizzard makes no bones about their love of 80's metal and their desire to bring back that style. After releasing a self-titled EP, they were signed to Earache Records, who promptly repackaged and reissued the EP (same tracks with one song renamed), branding the new EP as High Speed GTO. Just as things were looking up, though, tensions arose within the camp, and founder Jon Leon ended up firing the rest of the band, most of whom moved on to form Holy Grail. Leon put together a new lineup and released Over The Top in 2010, with three more albums released over the next eight years. Lineup issues were a constant in the band, with Leon being the sole constant although the band was never presented as a solo project. When all is said and done, White Wizzard has released five solid 80's-inspired metal, never really concerning themselves with modern metal but instead effectively reliving the glory days of the genre. Leon had said in 2018 that the band was done, but a year later yet another new lineup, featuring members from the past, is now active.

Current Members

Giles Lavery

vocals (Warlord)

James LaRue

guitars (ex-Holy Grail, ex-Vindicator)

Will Wallner


Jon Leon


Jonathan Brown


Former Members/Guests

James Paul Luna

vocals (Holy Grail)

Wyatt Anderson


Joseph Michael Furney

vocals (Witherfall)

Peter Ellis

vocals (Monument)

Chad Yasuhara


Erik Kluiber

guitars (ex-Gypsyhawk, Ironaut)

Jake Dreyer

guitars (ex-Demons & Wizards, ex-Iced Earth, Witherfall)

Tyler Meahl

drums (Holy Grail, Huntress)

Jesse Applehans


Giovanni Durst

drums (Benediction, Monument)

Dylan Marks



White Wizzard  EP
2008 self-released
  1. High Speed GTO
  2. Celestina
  3. Octane Gypsy
  4. Into the Night
  5. March of the Skeletons
  6. Iraq Attack
  7. Megaladon
  • James Paul Luna
  • James LaRue
  • Jon Leon
  • Tyler Meahl

2009 Earache
  1. High Speed GTO
  2. Celestina
  3. Into the Night
  4. March of the Skeletons
  5. Megalodon
  6. Octane Gypsy
  7. Red Desert Skies
Same songs as self titled EP, re ordered and (in one case) renamed.

Over The Top  
2010 Earache
  1. Over The Top
  2. 40 Deuces
  3. High Roller
  4. Live Free Or Die
  5. Iron Goddess Of Vengeance
  6. Out Of Control
  7. Strike Of The Viper
  8. Death Race
  9. White Wizzard
  • Wyatt Anderson
  • Chad Yasuhara
  • Erik Kluiber
  • Jon Leon
  • Jesse Applehans

Flying Tigers  
  1. Fight To The Death
  2. West L.A. Nights
  3. Starchild
  4. Flying Tigers
  5. Night Train to Tokyo
  6. Night Stalker
  7. Fall of Atlantis
  8. Blood on the Pyramids
  9. Demons and Diamonds
  10. Dark Alien Overture
  11. War of the Worlds
  12. Starman's Son
  • Wyatt Anderson
  • Jon Leon
  • Giovanni Durst

The Devil's Cut  
2013 Earache
  1. Forging the Steel
  2. Strike the Iron
  3. Kings of the Highway
  4. Lightning in My Hands
  5. Steal Your Mind
  6. The Devil's Cut
  7. Torpedo of Truth
  8. Storm Chaser
  9. The Sun Also Rises
  • Joseph Michael Furney
  • Jake Dreyer
  • Will Wallner
  • Jon Leon
  • Giovanni Durst

Infernal Overdrive  
2018 M-Theory
  1. Infernal Overdrive
  2. Storm the Shores
  3. Pretty May
  4. Chasing Dragons
  5. Voyage of the Wolf Raiders
  6. Critical Mass
  7. Cocoon
  8. Metamorphosis
  9. The Illusion's Tears
  • Wyatt Anderson
  • James LaRue
  • Jon Leon
  • Dylan Marks

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