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Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: February 24, 2006
Last update/review: October 25, 2019

Vision Divine

Vision Divine was originally slated as a side project for then-Labyrinth guitarist Carlo Magnani (aka Olaf Thorsen), he soon pairing up with old friend and vocalist Fabio Leone, himself once a member of Labyrinth. By the time the band was ready to record, two more Labyrinth members had joined up, making the band practically Labyrinth Part 2. As the band progressed, though, Thorsen wished to stop the "they're just a side project" comments, and so he left Labyrinth to devote his full time to Vision Divine (coincidentally or not, the two other Labyrinth guys soon left this band to go back to their main gig). Now a full-time band with its own identity, Vision Divine has recorded four albums thus far, firmly rooted in the classic Euro melodic power metal tradition, with faint symphonic touches here and there, and Leone (since departed) contributing typically clear, melodic vocals.

Current Members

Ivan Giannini


Olaf Thorsen (Carlo Magnani)

guitars (Labyrinth)

Federico Puleri


Andrea Torricini


Alessio Lucatti


Mike Terrana

drums (ex-Artension, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Masterplan, ex-Metalium, ex-Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Rage, ex-Savage Circus, guest for Squealer)

Former Members/Guests

Fabio Lione

vocals (Angra, ex-Hollow Haze, ex-Labyrinth, ex-Rhapsody Of Fire, Turilli/Lione Rhapsody)

Michele Luppi

vocals (ex-Secret Sphere)

Andrew Torricini


Cristiano Bertocchi

bass (ex-Labyrinth)

Andrew McPauls (Andrea De Paoli)

keyboards (ex-Labyrinth)

Oleg Smirnoff

keyboards (ex-Death SS, Labyrinth)

Mattia Stancioiu

drums (ex-Labyrinth)

Matteo Amororso


Alessandro Bissa

drums (ex-Labyrinth)


Vision Divine  
  1. New Eden
  2. On The Wings Of The Storm
  3. Black Mask Of Fear
  4. Exodus
  5. The Whisper
  6. Forgotten Worlds
  7. Vision Divine
  8. The Final Countdown
  9. The Miracle
  10. Forever Young
  11. Of Light And Darkness
  12. Incipit
  13. Send Me An Angel
  14. Pain
  15. Away From You
  16. Black & White
  17. The Call
  18. Taste Of A Goodbye
  19. Apocalypse Coming
  20. Nemesis
  21. Flame Of Hate
  22. Take On Me
  • Fabio Lione
  • Olaf Thorsen
  • Andrew Torricini
  • Andrew McPauls
  • Mattia Stancioiu

Send Me An Angel  
  • Fabio Lione
  • Olaf Thorsen
  • Andrew Torricini
  • Andrew McPauls
  • Mattia Stancioiu

Stream Of Consciousness  
2004 Scarlet
  1. Chapter I: Stream of Unconsciousness
  2. Chapter II: Secret of Life
  3. Chapter III: Colours Of My World
  4. Chapter IV: In The Light
  5. Chapter V: The Fallen Feather
  6. Chapter VI: La Vita Fugge
  7. Chapter VII: Versions Of The Same
  8. Chapter VIII: Through The Eyes Of God
  9. Chapter IX: Shades
  10. Chapter X: We Are, We Are Not
  11. Chapter XI: Fool's Garden
  12. Chapter XII: The Fall Of Reason
  13. Chapter XIII: Out Of The Maze
  14. Chapter XIV: Identities ...
  • Michele Luppi
  • Olaf Thorsen
  • Andrew Torricini
  • Oleg Smirnoff
  • Matteo Amororso

Stage Of Consciousness  VIDEO
2005 Scarlet

The Perfect Machine  
2005 Scarlet
  1. The Perfect Machine
  2. First Day Of A Never-ending Day
  3. The Ancestor's Blood
  4. Land Of Fear
  5. God Is Dead
  6. Rising Sun
  7. Here In 6048
  8. The River
  9. Now That You've Gone
  10. The Needle Lies (Japanese bonus track)
  • Michele Luppi
  • Olaf Thorsen
  • Andrew Torricini
  • Oleg Smirnoff

The 25th Hour  
2007 Scarlet
  1. My Angel Died
  2. The 25th Hour
  3. Out of a Distant Night (Voices)
  4. Alpha & Omega
  5. Eildes of a Child
  6. The Daemon you Hide
  7. Waiting for the Dawn
  8. Essence of Time
  9. A Perfect Suicide
  10. Heaven Calling
  11. Ascension
  • Michele Luppi
  • Olaf Thorsen
  • Cristiano Bertocchi
  • Alessio Lucatti
  • Alessandro Bissa

9 Degrees West Of The Moon  
2009 Scarlet
  1. Letter to My Child Never Born
  2. Violet Loneliness
  3. Fading Shadow
  4. Angels in Disguise
  5. The Killing Speed of Time
  6. The Streets of Laudomia
  7. Fly
  8. Out in Open Space
  9. 9 Degrees West of the Moon
  10. A Touch of Evil
  11. Fading Shadow (demo version) (bonus track)
  • Fabio Lione
  • Olaf Thorsen
  • Federico Puleri
  • Cristiano Bertocchi
  • Alessio Lucatti
  • Alessandro Bissa

Destination Set To Nowhere  
2012 earMUSIC
  1. S'io Fosse Foco
  2. The Dream Maker
  3. Beyond The Sun And Far Away
  4. The Ark
  5. Mermaids From Their Moons
  6. The Lighthouse
  7. Message To Home
  8. The House Of The Angels
  9. The Sin Is You
  10. Here We Die
  11. Destination Set To Nowhere
  • Fabio Lione
  • Olaf Thorsen
  • Federico Puleri
  • Andrea Torricini
  • Alessio Lucatti
  • Alessandro Bissa

2017 earMUSIC
  1. New Eden
  2. Vision Divine
  3. Send Me an Angel
  4. Taste of a Goodbye
  5. The Fallen Feather
  6. La Vita Fugge
  7. The Perfect Machine
  8. God Is Dead
  9. The 25th Hour
  10. Out of a Distant Night (Voices)
  11. Mermaids from Their Moons
  12. Destination Set to Nowhere
  13. Gutter Ballet (Savatage cover)

When All The Heroes Are Dead  
2019 Scarlet
  1. Insurgent (Intro)
  2. The 26th Machine
  3. 3 Men Walk on the Moon
  4. Fall from Grace
  5. Were I God
  6. Now That All the Heroes Are Dead
  7. While the Sun Is Turning Black
  8. The King of the Sky
  9. On the Ides of March
  10. 300
  11. The Nihil Propaganda
  12. Rusty Nail (X-Japan cover)
  • Ivan Giannini
  • Olaf Thorsen
  • Federico Puleri
  • Andrea Torricini
  • Alessio Lucatti
  • Mike Terrana

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