Origin: Uppsala, Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: January 10, 2023
Last update/review: January 10, 2023


Usurpress was one of several second-division new millennium Swedish death metal bands, never achieving great popularity but instead content on putting out interesting albums throughout their short career. 2012's Trenches Of The Netherworld (the band's full-length debut following a couple of EPs) is rooted in Entombed-styled downtuned Swedeath, but already showing some of the quirks that would crop up on future albums. On the band's fourth full-length album, 2018's Interregnum (which turned out to be their swansong), the guys threw a variety of influences into the mix, including progressive and doom flavors, resulting in one of the more varied and diverse albums under the death metal umbrella released in some time. Unfortunately, the band's vocalist and leader, Stefan Petterson, passed away in 2018 from cancer, and the group formally broke up two years later.

Last Lineup

Stefan Pettersson

vocals RIP: June 28, 2018, cancer, age 46

Påhl Sundström


Daniel Ekeroth

bass (ex-Insision)

Former Members/Guests

Erik Sundström (guest)


Calle Andersson


Stefan Hildman (guest)



Tales Of Possessors  EP
  1. A Tale Of Possessors
  2. Lost For Words
  3. In Permanent Twilight
  4. The Colours Of Darkness

In Permanent Twilight  EP
  1. Pleasing the Usurpress
  2. Unpunished
  3. I Am an Empire
  4. The Initiated (Will Fall)
  5. Embrace Your Non-Existence
  6. Primitive Majesty
  7. Downtrodden Isolation
  8. In Permanent Twilight
  • Stefan Pettersson
  • Påhl Sundström
  • Daniel Ekeroth
  • Calle Andersson

Trenches Of The Netherworld  
  1. Black Death on White Wings
  2. Effigies Burns Across the Wastelands
  3. Coronation of the Crippled King
  4. The Wooden Sceptre
  5. The Colours of Darkness
  6. Trenches of the Netherworld
  7. The God Eaters
  8. In the Beginning (Ended Yesterday)
  9. Dethroned by Shadows
  10. I Stand Above Time
  11. Seduction Through Bloodshed
  • Stefan Pettersson
  • Påhl Sundström
  • Daniel Ekeroth
  • Calle Andersson

  1. The Heart of the Last Kingdom
  2. Storming the Mausoleum
  3. The Undeification
  4. Fire in the Minds of Men
  5. Insignia of Illumination
  6. Ritual Warfare
  7. The Eyeless Spectator
  8. Fan the Flames of Madness
  9. Lóthlorien (Bo Hansson cover)
  10. Deny Salvation (Wolf-Like Dogs)
  11. Embracing the Vultures
  12. As the Monolith Comes Alive
  • Stefan Pettersson
  • Påhl Sundström
  • Daniel Ekeroth
  • Calle Andersson

The Regal Tribe  
2016 Agonia
  1. Beneath the Starless Skies
  2. The One They Call the Usurpress
  3. Across the Dying Plains
  4. The Mortal Tribes
  5. The Halls of Extinction
  6. Throwing the Gift Away
  7. Behold the Forsaken
  8. On a Bed of Straw
  9. The Sin That Is Mine
  • Stefan Pettersson
  • Påhl Sundström
  • Daniel Ekeroth
  • Calle Andersson

2018 Agonia
  1. A Place in the Pantheon
  2. Interregnum
  3. In Books Without Pages
  4. Late in the 11th Hour
  5. Ships of Black Glass (I: Shards, II: Black Echo)
  6. The Iron Gates Will Melt
  7. The Vagrant Harlot
  8. In the Shadow of the New Gods
  • Stefan Pettersson
  • Påhl Sundström
  • Daniel Ekeroth
  • Erik Sundström
  • Stefan Hildman

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