Origin: Auckland, New Zealand  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: August 3, 2017
Last update/review: May 3, 2020


Brutal death metal by way of New Zealand, Ulcerate have crafted something rather unique on 2011's The Destroyers Of All. There's the requisite twisted riffs, rapid-fire drumming, and gruff vocals that characterize technical death metal, but the guitars are more dissonant than usual, and often the band slow down and veer into post-metal territory, sporting a late-period Neurosis influence at times while at other times the feedback-laden guitars reminds one of prime Godflesh. It's a bit much to take, with seven unrelenting songs clocking in at over an hour, but it's also intense and just a bit off the usual beaten death metal path.

Current Members

Paul Kelland


Michael Hoggard


James Saint Merat


Former Members/Guests

Ben Read

vocals (ex-Cloven Hoof)

Michael Rothwell



The Coming Of Genocide  COMPILATION
  1. The Coming of Genocide
  2. Unhallowed Ascension
  3. Scorn the Dethroned
  4. Second Death
  5. Subversive Supremacy
  6. Burnt Offering
  7. Ulceration
  8. Smash the Deceitful

Of Fracture And Failure  
2007 Neurotic
  1. Praise and Negation
  2. Ad Nauseam
  3. The Mask of the Satyr
  4. Becoming the Lycanthrope
  5. To Fell Goliath
  6. Martyr of the Soil
  7. Failure
  8. The Coming of Genocide
  9. Defaeco
  • Ben Read
  • Paul Kelland
  • Michael Hoggard
  • Michael Rothwell
  • James Saint Merat

Everything Is Fire  
  1. Drown Within
  2. We Are Nil
  3. Withered and Obsolete
  4. Caecus
  5. Tyranny
  6. The Earth At Its Knees
  7. Soullessness Embraced
  8. Everything Is Fire
  • Paul Kelland
  • Michael Hoggard
  • James Saint Merat

The Destroyers Of All  
2011 Willowtip
  1. Burning Skies
  2. Dead Oceans
  3. Cold Becoming
  4. Beneath
  5. The Hollow Idols
  6. Omens
  7. The Destroyers of All
  • Paul Kelland
  • Michael Hoggard
  • James Saint Merat

2013 Relapse
  1. Odium
  2. Vermis
  3. Clutching Revulsion
  4. Weight of Emptiness
  5. Confronting Entropy
  6. Fall to Opprobrium
  7. The Imperious Weak
  8. Cessation
  9. Await Rescission
  • Paul Kelland
  • Michael Hoggard
  • James Saint Merat

Shrines Of Paralysis  
2016 Relapse
  1. Abrogation
  2. Yield to Naught
  3. There Are No Saviours
  4. Shrines of Paralysis
  5. Bow to Spite
  6. Chasm of Fire
  7. Extinguished Light
  8. End the Hope
  • Paul Kelland
  • Michael Hoggard
  • James Saint Merat

Stare Into Death And Be Still  
2020 Debemur Morti
  1. The Lifeless Advance
  2. Exhale the Ash
  3. Stare into Death and Be Still
  4. There Is No Horizon
  5. Inversion
  6. Visceral Ends
  7. Drawn into the Next Void
  8. Dissolved Orders
  • Paul Kelland
  • Michael Hoggard
  • James Saint Merat

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