Origin: Mexico  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: August 3, 2004
Last update/review: August 3, 2004

Under Moonlight Sadness

Not that there is a classic or traditional style for Mexican bands, but if there was such a style, it probably wouldn't be this. Under Moonlight Sadness has a definite European sound, occupying the middle road between Scandinavian melodic death metal and traditional doomdeath (slower and less melodic than the former, less ponderous than the latter). After The Cosmic Gate is rough around the edges, but at times displays an impressive array of depth in the songwriting department. At last report the band had renamed themselves (or broke up, and reformed as) Moonlord.

Last Lineup

Iván Velazquez


Jesús Morales


Carlos Bastida


Marcos Barba


Gabriel Bastida


Iván Vilchis



After The Cosmic Gate  
1998 Oz
  1. In the Gloomy's Hemisphere
  2. Arrival Over Crystal Ground
  3. Dying Moon
  4. Behind This Tears (After the Mourning)
  5. Ancient Rhytms
  6. Reflections in a Dark Mirror
  7. Millennium of Red Light
  8. Minds Beyond Fear
  9. ...
  10. Lost in Silence
  11. Die Andere Welt
  12. Slavery Parameters
  13. From Nadir to Zenit
  14. Eclipse Sons
  15. Cosmos Concept Farther Intellect
  16. Meztli
  17. Anthems of Misanthropy

  1. Architects of Quanta
  2. Unnatural
  3. One with the Infinite
  4. Bloodhunter
  5. Infinite
  6. Echoes
  7. Ethereal Pains
  8. Lord of Exile Lands
  9. Winter Mourning
  10. Agony Remembrances
  11. A Dream, a Tear...

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