Origin: France  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Death Metal
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Last update/review: April 25, 2015


The French band Symbyosis was initially conceived as a solo instrumental project by guitarist Franck Kobolt, under the title Chrysalid. Eventually he was persuaded to record, with the two releases The Fluid and Crisis being largely the efforts of Kobolt (playing most of the instruments and programming the drums as well) and vocalist Corrosive Bob, with a few additional studio musicians helping out. Crisis is an adventurous and impressive work, one of the few albums that can truly be labelled progressive death, as it combines the traditional progressive melodies (particularly the Dream Theater-styled keyboard work) with the harsh black/death vocals of Bob and the crunchy technical guitars of Kobolt. The musicianship and arrangements here are varied and in top form -- there's really no one else attempting this kind of sound. Crisis is a highly recommended technical prog/death album. Eventually Kobolt and Bob recruited a new lineup and released the double CD On The Wings Of Phoenix in 2005.

Current Members

Corrosive Bob


Franck Kobolt


Nikos Kevorkian


Antoine Rognon


Tarik Zulficar


Former Members/Guests



Gerom Oslanon

backing vocals


backing vocals

Phil Quist



The Fluid  EP
2000 Listenable
  1. To Decant Souls
  2. Quest Of The Dolphin
  3. Crusades I: Faith
  4. Crusades II: Thibalt
  5. Crusades III: Angel
  • Corrosive Bob
  • Franck Kobolt
  • Karl
  • Gerom Oslanon
  • Cryopsis
  • Phil Quist

2000 Listenable
  1. Opening Act
  2. To Decant Souls
  3. Quest Of The Dolphin
  4. Ephemeral Life Conductor
  5. Self Mutation
  6. Kahl Palyn
  7. Acrid Nebula
  8. Triton (The Light Guide)
  9. The Obscure Periplus Of Thanos
  10. Der Waltz Von Gehangen
  11. The Epileptic Modern Artistic Non-Believer
  12. Little Princess
  13. Synthesis
  • Corrosive Bob
  • Franck Kobolt
  • Karl
  • Gerom Oslanon
  • Cryopsis
  • Phil Quist

On The Wings Of Phoenix  
2000 Hidden
  1. The Arrival
  2. Truth
  3. The Venom
  4. Dilemma
  5. Seizure of Power
  6. War Phenomenon
  7. Cupidity
  8. Famine
  9. Disease
  10. Death Apogee
  11. Peace
  12. Crusades Part IV
  13. Crusades Part V
  14. Crusades Part VI
  15. Life
  16. Dreamchild
  17. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Iron Maiden cover)
  18. Read Between the Lies (Slayer cover)
  19. Trail of Tears
  20. Twisted Truth
  21. When Napalm Fits to Skin
  22. Quest of the Dolphin
  23. Little Princess
  24. Princess Ending
  • Corrosive Bob
  • Franck Kobolt
  • Nikos Kevorkian
  • Antoine Rognon
  • Tarik Zulficar

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