Origin: New York City, New York, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: October 23, 2021
Last update/review: October 23, 2021


Silvertomb is the followup band to Seventh Void which itself was an offshoot from Type O Negative back in the day. Three members from SV are here, along with a new pair of guitarists including John Joseph of Agnostic Front fame. The style on 2019's Edge Of Existence is similar to Seventh Void as well, a dark, semi-doom sound borrowing a bit from heavier grunge bands like Soundgarden.

Current Members

Kenny Hickey

guitars/vocals (ex-Seventh Void, ex-Type O Negative)

Joseph James


Aaron Joos


Hank Hell

bass (ex-Seventh Void)

Johnny Kelly

drums (ex-A Pale Horse Named Death, ex-Danzig, Kill Devil Hill, Quiet Riot, ex-Seventh Void, Seven Witches, ex-Type O Negative)


Edge Of Existence  
  1. Insomnia / Sunrise
  2. Love You Without No Lies
  3. So True
  4. Not Your Savior
  5. One of You
  6. Right of Passage / Crossing Over
  7. Eulogy / Requiem
  8. Sleeping on Nails and Wine
  9. Waiting
  • Kenny Hickey
  • Joseph James
  • Aaron Joos
  • Hank Hell
  • Johnny Kelly

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