Origin: New York City, New York, USA  
Genres: Post-Metal, Doom Metal
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Page online: January 25, 2011
Last update/review: March 25, 2020

Seventh Void

Seventh Void was formed in 2003 by Type O Negative members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly, the duo eager to explore some different territories than their main band. The group didn't record until 2009 with Heaven Is Gone, by which time TON was on its last legs. The music had a doomy edge similar to some Type O, but the similarities ended there, as the style here borrowed more from early Alice In Chains and perhaps Soundgarden, with a slight stoner influenced mixed in as well and Hickey proving himself a capable vocalist in his own right. While Pete Steele's passing in 2010 signalled the end of Type O Negative, Seventh Void continued until 2017 (though never recording again), at which time all three members regrouped in another band, Silvertomb.

Last Lineup

Kenny Hickey

vocals/rhythm guitar (Silvertomb, ex-Type O Negative)

Matt Brown

guitars (ex-A Pale Horse Named Death)

Hank Hell

bass (Silvertomb)

Johnny Kelly

drums (ex-A Pale Horse Named Death, ex-Danzig, Kill Devil Hill, Quiet Riot, Seven Witches, Silvertomb, ex-Type O Negative)


Heaven Is Gone  
2009 Big Vin
  1. Closing In
  2. Heaven Is Gone
  3. The End of All Time
  4. Broken Sky
  5. Killing You Slow
  6. Descent
  7. Shadow on Me
  8. Drown Inside
  9. Death of a Junkie
  10. Last Walk in the Light
  • Kenny Hickey
  • Matt Brown
  • Hank Hell
  • Johnny Kelly

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