Origin: Birmingham, England  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: March 14, 2010


An 80's act from the UK, Sacrilege was founded in 1984 and led by vocalist Tam Simpson, at a time where female extreme metal vocalists were a rarity. Their first two albums are more in the raw death/thrash realm, but by the time of their third album (with the interesting title Turn Back Trilobite), they'd transitioned to a Trilobite is a bit of an oddity, especially for the time, slow, doomy style with some almost progressive moments along with some nods to their thrash heritage, combined with Simpson's rather atypical vocals. Their somewhat unorthodox style, combined with a low profile on the live front, eventually relegated them to the ranks of the lesser-knowns, and they disbanded in 1990, eventually reforming in 2014.

Current Members

Lynda "Tam" Simpson


Damien Thompson


Frank Healy

bass (ex-Benediction, ex-Cerebral Fix, Memoriam)

Spikey T. Smith

drums (Memoriam)

Former Members/Guests

Tony May



Behind The Realms Of Madness  
  1. Life Line
  2. Shadow From Mordor
  3. At Death's Door
  4. A Violation Of Something Sacred
  5. The Closing Irony
  6. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Within The Prophecy  
1987 Under One Flag
  1. Sight Of The Wize
  2. The Fear Within
  3. Winds Of Vengeance
  4. The Captive
  5. Spirit Cry
  6. Flight Of The Nazgul
  7. Insurrection
  8. Search Eternal
  • Lynda "Tam" Simpson
  • Damien Thompson
  • Tony May
  • Spikey T. Smith

Turn Back Trilobite  
1989 Under One Flag
  1. Father Time (Beneath the Gaze)
  2. Silent Dark
  3. Soul Search
  4. Awaken (Suryanamaskar)
  5. Key To Nirvana
  6. Into The Sea Of Tranquility (Parts 1 - 3)
  7. Equinox
  • Lynda "Tam" Simpson
  • Damien Thompson
  • Frank Healy
  • Spikey T. Smith

Within The Prophecy - The Demos  COMPILATION
  1. A Violation Of Something Sacred (Dub Mix)
  2. Search Eternal
  3. The Fear Within
  4. Winds Of Vengeance
  5. Spirit Cry
  6. Insurrection
  7. The Captive
  8. Flight Of The Nazgull
  9. Sight Of The Wise

Time To Face The Reaper (The Demos 1984-1986)  COMPILATION
  1. Apartheid
  2. Bloodlust
  3. Dig Your Own Grave
  4. Blind Acceptance
  5. Stark Reality
  6. A Violation of Something Sacred
  7. Bloodrun
  8. Out of Sight Out of Mind
  9. Flight of the Nazgul
  10. Sight of the Wise
  11. The Captive
  12. Search Eternal
  13. The Fear Within
  14. Winds of Vengeance
  15. Spirit Cry
  16. Insurrection

Reaping The Demo(n)s  COMPILATION
2010 Xtreem
  1. Search Eternal
  2. The Fear Within
  3. Winds of Vengeance
  4. Spirit Cry
  5. Insurrection
  6. Flight of the Nazgul
  7. Sight of the Wise
  8. The Captive
  9. A Violation of Something Sacred (Dub Mix)
  10. Stark Reality
  11. Bloodrun
  12. A Violation of Something Sacred
  13. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  14. Apartheid
  15. Bloodlust
  16. Dig your Own Grave
  17. Blind Acceptance
  18. Sight of the Wise
  19. The Closing Irony
  20. A Violation of Something Sacred
  21. Flight of the Nazgul
  22. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  23. At Death's Door
  24. The Captive
  25. Lifeline
  26. Bloodrun
  27. Shadow from Mordor
  28. The Captive
  29. Winds of Vengeance
  30. Spirit Cry
  31. Key to Nirvana
  32. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  33. Awaken


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