Origin: Nashville, Indiana, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: May 31, 2010
Last update/review: September 5, 2022

Sons Of Liberty

Sons Of Liberty was a project that apparently had been brewing in the mind of Iced Earth mainmain Jon Schaffer for some time. He stated that this is all about the message, that message having to do with conservative policies, conspiracy theories, the power elite, subjects of which he would delve further into in later years. Make of the message what you will. Musically, this wasn't far off from prime Iced Earth, not bad at all but perhaps lacking a certain spark -- the songs motored along, with a certain anthemic quality to them, but arguably wasn't his best work. Schaffer himself sang quite competantly, though without the range of his regular singers like Matt Barlow or Ripper Owens. To his credit, he basically gave this music away, and whether you buy into the message or not, at least it provokes thought and debate.

Last Lineup

Jon Schaffer

vocals/all instruments (ex-Demons & Wizards, Iced Earth, Purgatory)

Former Members/Guests

Jim Morris (guest)

guitars (ex-Demons & Wizards, guest for Purgatory)

Ruben Drake (guest)

bass (guest for Purgatory)


Brush-Fires Of The Mind  
2009 self-released
  1. Jeckyll Island
  2. Don't Tread on me
  3. False Flag
  4. Our Dying Republic
  5. Indentured Servitude
  6. Tree of Liberty
  7. Feeling Helpless?
  8. The Cleansing Wind
  9. Wee The People
  • Jon Schaffer
  • Jim Morris
  • Ruben Drake

Spirit Of The Times  EP
2011 self-released
  1. Alive
  2. Full Spectrum Dominance
  3. Molon Labe
  4. Mind Control
  5. Spirit of the Times
  • Jon Schaffer
  • Jim Morris
  • Ruben Drake

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