Origin: Brooklyn, New York, USA  
Genres: 70's Metal
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Sir Lord Baltimore

When the subject of heavy metal pioneers comes up (and one gets past the obvious bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple), several lesser-known but still remembered bands are invariably mentioned, and one of them is Sir Lord Baltimore, who hailed not from Baltimore but from New York. The formed in the late 60's and managed two albums before giving it up (confusingly, the self-titled album is their second, not first). Given that these were released in 1970-1971, one shouldn't expect modern crushing guitars, but this was pretty heavy stuff for the time (particularly the debut), a wild, psychedelic hard rock sound that occasionally brings to mind early Budgie as well as the aforementioned Zep. They may have been the first hard rock band whose drummer was their lead singer, still a rarity in heavy metal. When modern stoner bands are referenced as "70s-influenced", this is the kind of band they're referring to.

Some thirty-plus years later, the main two guys in the band, John Garner and Louis Dambra, reunited and recorded Raw in 2006, featuring some of the material they had written back in 1976. There does not appear to be any future plans for recording or playing live.

Last Lineup

John Garner

vocals/drums RIP: December 10, 2015, liver failure

Louis Dambra


Tony Franklin


Former Members/Guests

Joey Dambra


Gary Justin



Kingdom Come  
1970 Mercury
  1. Master Heartache
  2. Hard Rain Fallin'
  3. Lady Of Fire
  4. Lake Isle Of Innisfree
  5. Pumped Up
  6. Kingdom Come
  7. I Got A Woman
  8. Hell Hound
  9. Helium Hound (I Got A Love)
  10. Ain't Got Hung On You
  • John Garner
  • Louis Dambra
  • Gary Justin

Sir Lord Baltimore  
1971 Mercury
  1. Manhattan
  2. Where Are We Going
  3. Chicago Lives
  4. Loe And Behold
  5. Woman Tamer
  6. Caesar LXXI
  • John Garner
  • Louis Dambra
  • Joey Dambra
  • Gary Justin

III - Raw  
2006 self-released
  1. (Gonna) Fill The World With Fire
  2. Love Slave
  3. Wild White Horses
  4. Rising Son
  5. Cosmic Voice
  6. Mission
  • John Garner
  • Louis Dambra
  • Tony Franklin

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