Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Hard Rock
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Last update/review: July 5, 2019

The Rods

The Rods carved a nice little career for themselves in the early 80's, basically coming across as an American version of Motorhead in spirit if not in sound, a loud power trio cranking out blue-collar, anthemic hard rock tunes. By 1986 they had expanded to a four-piece on Heavier Than Thou and soon closed their initial career with the Hollywood album, which was intended to be an entirely different project but ended up released under the Rods name. Apart from their music, they are notable since founder David "Rock" Feinstein is the cousin of none other than Ronnie James Dio, and they performed together in Elf in the early 70's. Drummer Carl Canedy later became a respected record producer, and still performs as a session drummer. Feinstein left the music business in the mid-nineties, returned with a new Feinstein, and finally got back with the core duo of Canedy and Gary Bordanaro, releasing Vengeance in 2011, with the odd single release since then.

Current Members

Michael San Ciro


David "Rock" Feinstein

guitars/vocals (Feinstein)

Freddy Villano


Carl Canedy


Former Members/Guests

Shmoulik Avigal

vocals (ex-Guardians Of The Flame, ex-Picture) RIP: July 30, 2020, cancer, age 60

Rick Caudle


Steve Starmer


Gary Bordonaro


Craig Gruber

bass (ex-Rainbow) RIP: May 5, 2015, prostate cancer, age 63

Emma Zale



Rock Hard  
1980 Primal
  1. Sit Down Honey
  2. Music Man
  3. In Your Panties
  4. Power Lover
  5. Roll With The Night
  6. Hungry For Some Love
  7. Get Ready To Rock 'n' Roll
  8. Crank It Up
  9. Rock Hard
  10. Gettin Higher
  11. You Better Run
  12. Woman
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Steve Starmer
  • Carl Canedy

Full Throttle  EP
1981 Arista
  1. Power Lover
  2. Nothing Going On In The City
  3. Crank It Up
  4. Getting Higher
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Gary Bordonaro
  • Carl Canedy

The Rods  
1981 Arista
  1. Power Lover
  2. Crank It Up
  3. Hungry For Some Love
  4. Music Man
  5. Woman
  6. Nothing Going On In The City
  7. Get Ready To Rock'n'Roll
  8. Ace In The Hole
  9. Rock Hard
  10. Roll With The Night
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Gary Bordonaro
  • Carl Canedy

Wild Dogs  
1982 Arista
  1. Too Hot To Stop
  2. Waiting For Tomorrow
  3. Violation
  4. Burned By Love
  5. Wild Dogs
  6. You Keep Me Hangin' On
  7. Rockin' And Rollin' Again
  8. End Of The Line
  9. No Sweet Talk, Honey
  10. The Night Lives To Rock
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Gary Bordonaro
  • Carl Canedy

In The Raw  
1983 Shrapnel
  1. Hurricane
  2. Can't Get Enough Of The Fun
  3. Witches Brew
  4. Go For Broke
  5. Hot Love
  6. Hot City
  7. Streetfighter
  8. Evil Woman
  9. Hold On For Your Life
  10. Another Night On The Town
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Gary Bordonaro
  • Carl Canedy

Let Them Eat Metal  
1984 Combat
  1. Let Them Eat Metal
  2. White Lightning
  3. Nuclear Skies
  4. Rock Warrior
  5. Bad Blood
  6. She's So Tight
  7. Got The Fire Burnin'
  8. I'm A Rocker
  9. She's Such A Bitch
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Gary Bordonaro
  • Carl Canedy

Live  LIVE
1984 Roadrunner
  1. I Live For Rock'n'Roll
  2. Hellbound
  3. Born To Roick
  4. The Viper
  5. Speed Demon
  6. Hurricane
  7. Devils Child
  8. Rapid Thunder
  9. Cold Sweat And Blood
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Gary Bordonaro
  • Carl Canedy

Heavier Than Thou  
1986 Passport
  1. Heavier Than Thou
  2. Make Me A Believer
  3. Angels Never Run
  4. Crossfire
  5. I'm Gonna Rock
  6. She's Trouble
  7. Born To Rock
  8. Chains Of Love
  9. Communication Breakdown
  10. Fool For Your Love
  11. Cold Sweat And Blood
  12. The Music Man
  • Shmoulik Avigal
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Craig Gruber
  • Carl Canedy

1986 Passport
  1. Prisoner Of Love
  2. Love Is Pain
  3. Tokyo Rose
  4. Make Your Move
  5. Mississippi Queen
  6. Heat Of The Night
  7. All American Boys
  8. Don't Take It So Hard
  9. Money
  • Rick Caudle
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Emma Zale
  • Carl Canedy

2011 Niji
  1. Raise Some Hell
  2. I Just Wanna Rock
  3. Rebels Highway
  4. Ride Free Or Die
  5. The Code (feat. Ronnie James Dio)
  6. Livin' Outside The Law
  7. Let It Ripp
  8. Fight Fire With Fire
  9. Madman
  10. Runnin Wild
  11. Vengeance
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Gary Bordonaro
  • Carl Canedy

Brotherhood Of Metal  
2019 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Brotherhood of Metal
  2. Everybody's Rockin'
  3. Smoke on the Horizon
  4. Louder than Loud
  5. Tyrant King
  6. Party All Night
  7. Tonight We Ride
  8. 1982
  9. Hell on Earth
  10. The Devil Made Me Do It
  11. Evil in Me
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Gary Bordonaro
  • Carl Canedy

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