Origin: Bratislava, Slovakia  
Genres: Black Metal, Eclectic Metal
Page online: September 1, 2022
Last update/review: September 1, 2022


Remmirath is one of a trio of bands from Bratislava with quite a bit of shared membership, but while black metal is an element of all three bands, the groups really don't sound much alike at all. And this group is easily the oddest of the three, with one album (Polis Rouge) containing a fair bit of black metal with a number of oddball moments, and the followup (Shambhala Vril Saucers) going off the deep end entirely, with the black metal dialed back in favor of even more weirdness with a host of non-traditional instruments (glockenspiel, tingsha, maracas, and more) and seemingly completely random forays into sampling and other incongruous sections spliced into the songs. It's bizarre and quite unique and certainly could turn some off, but the experimentalism is quite appreciated. Saucers was released in 2015 and since then the collective seems to be focused more on the other two bands, Malokarpatan and Krolok.

Current Members

Adam S.

vocals/guitars (Malokarpatan)

HV (Vlado Moravcik)

guitars (Krolok, Malokarpatan)


bass (Krolok, Malokarpatan)



Angel Epilepsia


Former Members/Guests

Tomas (guest)



Polis Rouge  
  1. The Will Behind the Colossus
  2. Replacing the Sun
  3. N.W.O. Neverland
  4. A Little Trip to the Stars
  5. La Figurine plastique
  6. Polis Rouge
  7. What Remains After Us
  8. Rainy Friday
  • Adam S.
  • HV
  • Peter
  • Tomas

Shambhala Vril Saucers  
  1. Tiger of the City
  2. Shambhala Vril Saucers
  3. The Gunfighter's Quest for Enlightenment
  4. Fox Cooper
  5. Iram of the Pillars
  6. The Coming of Kalki
  • Adam S.
  • HV
  • Peter
  • Zrzo
  • Angel Epilepsia

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