Origin: Fort Worth, Texas, USA  
Genres: Industrial
Page online: September 14, 2016
Last update/review: September 14, 2016

Pinkish Black

Pinkish Black traces its roots back to a Texan trio named The Great Tyrant who was recording an album in 2010 when the bass player committed suicide. Eventually the remaining duo regrouped and forged ahead with a new band (rather morbidly, the name Pinkish Black is a reference to the color of the blood-stained walls where the suicide took place). On the surface, this is not metal at all -- there are no guitars or bass, this is entirely done with synthesizers, drums and vocals. Yet the moods captured here are dark, mysterious, and haunting, well within the radar of some discriminating metal listeners. Essentially the style is a blend of darkwave, goth, industrial, and ambient/soundscape meanderings, with 2013's self-titled effort being a bit unfocused and somewhat more chaotic, while 2015's Bottom Of The Morning brings everything into focus to great effect. Again, those expecting conventional metal might turn elsewhere, but give this band a chance and you'll be rewarded.

Current Members

Daron Beck


Jon Teague



Pinkish Black  
  1. Bodies In Tow
  2. Everything Went Dark
  3. Passerby
  4. Fall Down
  5. Tell Her I'm Dead
  6. Tastes Like Blood
  7. Against The Door
  • Daron Beck
  • Jon Teague

Razed To The Ground  
  1. She Left Him Red
  2. Ashtray Eyes
  3. Kites And Vultures
  4. Razed To The Ground
  5. Bad Dreamer
  6. Rise
  7. Lose Of Feeling Of Loss
  • Daron Beck
  • Jon Teague

Bottom Of The Morning  
2015 Relapse
  1. Brown Rainbow
  2. Special Dark
  3. I'm All Gone
  4. Burn My Body
  5. Everything Must Go
  6. Bottom of the Morning
  7. The Master Is Away
  • Daron Beck
  • Jon Teague

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