Origin: Rotherham, England  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: February 1, 2018

Oliver/Dawson Saxon

This Saxon offshoot, formed by two early members of the band, formed in 1995 as Son Of A Bitch, which in fact was the original name of Saxon itself. They released one album under that name, 1996's Victim You, which predictably featured healthy nods to their old band, even if American vocalist Ted Bullet didn't sound a lot like Biff Byford. Soon afterward, following a couple of lineup changes, they attempted to straight-out play as Saxon, arguing they had as good a right to the name as Biff's boys. In 2003 the courts struck down that claim, and so the founding pair (Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson) decided to rechristen as Oliver/Dawson Saxon. Since that time the band has mostly recorded live albums (save one studio followup in 2012), and remain active as of early 2018.

Current Members

Bri Shaughnessy


Graham Oliver

guitars (ex-Saxon)

Gavin Coulson


Paul Oliver


Former Members/Guests

Ted Bullet

vocals (ex-Thunderhead)

John Ward


Haydn Conway

guitars (ex-Saracen)

Steve Dawson

bass (ex-Saxon)

Pete Gill

drums (ex-Motorhead, ex-Saxon)

Nigel Durham

drums (ex-Saxon)


Victim You  
1996 Saraya
  1. Bitch of a Place to Be
  2. Drivin' Sideways
  3. Past the Point
  4. No One's Gettin' Over
  5. Treacherous Times
  6. Love Your Misery
  7. I Still Care
  8. Old School
  9. More For Me
  10. Evil Sweet Evil
  11. Victim You
  • Ted Bullet
  • Graham Oliver
  • Haydn Conway
  • Steve Dawson
  • Pete Gill

Re://Landed  LIVE
  1. Power and the Glory
  2. Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy
  3. Strong Arm of the Law
  4. And the Bands Played On
  5. Past the Point
  6. Dallas 1 P.M.
  7. Rockin' Again
  8. 747 (Strangers in the Night)
  9. The Eagle Has Landed
  10. Motorcycle Man
  11. Wheels of Steel
  • John Ward
  • Graham Oliver
  • Haydn Conway
  • Steve Dawson
  • Nigel Durham

Rock Has Landed, It's Alive  LIVE
  1. Power and the Glory
  2. Rock and Roll Gypsies
  3. Past the Point
  4. Dallas 1PM
  5. 747 (Strangers in the Night)
  6. The Eagle Has Landed
  7. Bitch of a Place to Be
  8. One More for the Road
  9. Motorcycle Man
  10. Wheels of Steel

  1. Chemical Romance
  2. Motorbiker
  3. Whippin Boy
  4. No Way Out
  5. Just Another Suicide
  6. Sinternet
  7. Ghost
  8. Nevada Beach
  9. Screaming Eagles
  10. World's Gone Crazy
  11. Hell in Helsinki
  12. Nursery Crimes
  • John Ward
  • Graham Oliver
  • Haydn Conway
  • Steve Dawson
  • Paul Oliver

Blood And Thunder - Live  LIVE
  1. Schwermetal Fur Immer
  2. Past the Point
  3. Everybody Up
  4. Crusader
  5. Whippin' Boy
  6. Redline
  7. Motorcycle Man
  8. Denim and Leather
  9. Dallas 1PM
  10. Fetzen Fliegen V
  11. Princess of the Night
  12. Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy
  13. Strong Arm of the Law
  14. And the Band Played On
  • Bri Shaughnessy
  • Graham Oliver
  • Haydn Conway
  • Steve Dawson
  • Paul Oliver

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