Origin: Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: June 28, 2007
Last update/review: July 1, 2012


Negativa was formed by two core members of the cult tech death band Gorguts (Steeve Hurdle and Luc Lemay) some time after the demise of that band, and their 2006 EP continued on the style put forth by that band's later works such as Obscura, that being twisted, dissonant, odd death metal. In 2008 Lemay left, interestingly enough putting a new version of Gorguts together in the process. Hurdle recruited several new members in an attempt to keep things going, and apparently a full album was in the works, but by 2010 the band was finished, and Hurdle himself passed away in May 2012.

Last Lineup

Steeve Hurdle

guitars/vocals (ex-Gorguts) RIP: May 20, 2012, post-surgical complications, age 41

Luc Lemay

guitars/vocals (Gorguts)

Miguel Valade


Etienne Gallo

drums (Augury)


Negativa  EP
  1. Chaos In Motion
  2. Taedium Vitae
  3. Rebellion
  • Steeve Hurdle
  • Luc Lemay
  • Miguel Valade
  • Etienne Gallo

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