Origin: Iran  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: December 6, 2009
Last update/review: December 6, 2009


Metal continues to spread its wings into unlikely and nontraditional areas, as Mordab is the first BNR metal band from Iran (Ahoora will likely be the second). Apparently there is a small but growing scene in the area, with these guys leading the way, debuting in 2008 with Darker Than Grave. This is a pretty nice slice of mid-paced, semi-progressive death metal, with some Middle Eastern melodies and influences sprinkled throughout, a rather original sound overall. Maybe not ready for world domination just yet, but there is plenty of potential here.

Current Members

Shahrooz Godarzi


Ali Esfahani


Aydin Zahedi


Vahid Esfahani


Shahin Jebelli


Former Members/Guests

Arash Eivani



Darker Than Grave  
  1. 01 Ocean Of Loneliness’s...
  2. 02 Darker Than Grave
  3. 03 Psychotic Depression
  4. 04 World Of Vaccum
  5. 05 Phrenetic Dream Of Earth
  6. 06 Ascension
  • Arash Eivani
  • Ali Esfahani
  • Vahid Esfahani

Room No.X  
  1. Mirage
  2. Room No.X
  3. Open Your Eyes, Then Close 'Em
  4. Rebel's Cry
  5. Suicide and Redemption
  6. Cursed Palace
  7. The More I...
  8. War
  9. Cold Infection
  10. 3000 Years
  11. Empty Room
  • Shahrooz Godarzi
  • Ali Esfahani
  • Aydin Zahedi
  • Vahid Esfahani
  • Shahin Jebelli

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