Origin: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: November 11, 2003
Last update/review: July 4, 2015

Malignant Inception

Utah's Malignant Inception was formed in 1992, and following the usual lineup changes and such, they released Black Death in 1997, an accomplished death/grind album that would surely find favor with death fans, given some exposure. Over the succeeding years the band came and went and managed two more releases in 206 and 2010 before folding for good. A notable one-time member was guitarist Mike Kimball, now in Dying Fetus.

Last Lineup

Greg Bock


Ed Price


Tyler Harvey


Javier Silva Santisteban


Carreen Price


Todd Weir


Former Members/Guests

Chad Kasimatis


Zakk Muffett


Dave Jelsma


Tim Riley



Black Death  
1996 self-released
  1. Surviving Off Humanity
  2. Visions
  3. Necromantic
  4. Black Death Prt I - Mark Of Malignance
  5. Black Death Part II - The Inception
  6. Dictator Of Adolescence
  7. Dreams Within Dreams
  8. Stained
  9. The Void
  10. Awakenings
  11. The Calling
  • Chad Kasimatis
  • Ed Price
  • Dave Jelsma
  • Tim Riley

Path To Repression  
2005 self-released
  1. Induced Placement (Intro)
  2. Mirror - The Darkened Masses
  3. Compelling Forces
  4. The Soldier
  5. A Collage Creation
  6. Obligatory Stir of Tangibility
  7. My Before, As I Was Less
  8. The End Of The Beginning Prt. I - Conceiled Silence
  • Zakk Muffett
  • Ed Price
  • Tyler Harvey
  • Dave Jelsma
  • Todd Weir

Nefarious Evils  EP
2010 self-released
  1. Testament of Reason
  2. Restraint
  3. Dreaming Battles of Nefas and Chaos
  • Greg Bock
  • Ed Price
  • Tyler Harvey
  • Javier Silva Santisteban
  • Carreen Price
  • Todd Weir

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