Origin: Ljusdal, Sweden  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Page online: December 6, 2009
Last update/review: December 6, 2009

Julie Laughs Nomore

Taking their unique name from a Candlemass song, Julie Laughs Nomore came into being in 1995, debuting with an MCD a year later before releasing two albums in 1999 and 2001. By the time of their last album, From The Mist Of The Ruins, the group had developed into a pretty effective melodic death metal band, incorporating a fair amount of variety into a familiar Gothenburg-ish base. For whatever reason they seemed to fly under the radar of most metal fans (too odd of a band name? insufficient label support?), and they faded away after the release of Ruins. More recently two of the core members resurfaced in Triton Enigma.

Last Lineup

Danne Carlsson


Thomas Nilsson

guitars (ex-Triton Enigma)

Benny Halvarsson


Thomas Ohlsson

bass (ex-The Project Hate)

Ronnie Bergerståhl

drums (ex-Centinex, ex-Grave, ex-Triton Enigma, ex-World Below)

Former Members/Guests




Julie Laughs Nomore  EP
1996 self-released
  1. Into Eternity
  2. Dying Years
  3. Hate
  4. Bleeding Inside
  • Danne Carlsson
  • Thomas Nilsson
  • Benny Halvarsson
  • Babbean
  • Ronnie Bergerståhl

When Only Darkness Remains  
1999 Serious
  1. Only Darkness Remains
  2. Morbid Dreams
  3. Domains of Madness
  4. The Cold Awakening
  5. In the Ashes of the Midnight Sun
  6. Silent Waters
  7. Everything Dies
  • Danne Carlsson
  • Thomas Nilsson
  • Benny Halvarsson
  • Babbean
  • Ronnie Bergerståhl

From The Mist Of The Ruins  
2001 Vile
  1. Mistress of Death
  2. Children of the Empty Cross
  3. From the Mist of the Ruins
  4. Bringer of Misery
  5. The Iron Gate
  6. Eternity Is Just One Step Away
  7. Lords of Pleasure
  8. 200 Years
  • Danne Carlsson
  • Thomas Nilsson
  • Benny Halvarsson
  • Thomas Ohlsson
  • Ronnie Bergerståhl

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