Origin: Italy  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: November 6, 2011


Illogicist is a young Italian band, debuting in 2004 with Subjected, a prime progressive/technical death metal album often likened to later-period Death in style. There are riff and time changes aplenty here, and some excellent guitar interplay, but somehow the band is less chaotic than the recent trend of mathcore insanity bands on the scene these days. Moreover, the vocals, though sufficiently brutal, are slightly lower in the mix and thus not as overbearing as other bands. There's really nothing to fault here -- it's difficult to write songs in this style that are complex yet still hang together, and Illogicist have managed to do so admirably.

Current Members

Luca Minieri


Diego Ambrosi


Emilio Dattolo


Alessandro Tinti


Former Members/Guests

Remy Curtaz


Macro Minnemann



2004 Crash Music
  1. Into Your Mind (Intro)
  2. The High Price Of Confidence
  3. Knowledge Curse
  4. Every Straight Lie
  5. Dissonant Perspectives
  6. Subjected
  7. Introspection
  8. The Soul Feeder
  9. The Last Show
  • Luca Minieri
  • Diego Ambrosi
  • Emilio Dattolo
  • Remy Curtaz

The Insight Eye  
2007 Willowtip
  1. The Insight Eye
  2. Brain Collapse
  3. Rooms Of Emptiness
  4. The Absolute Or Nothing
  5. Soundless Pain
  6. Core
  7. Be My Guide
  8. Secrets Of Human Hate
  • Luca Minieri
  • Diego Ambrosi
  • Emilio Dattolo
  • Macro Minnemann

The Unconsciousness Of Living  
2011 Willowtip
  1. The Same Old Collision
  2. Perceptions from a Deceiving Memory
  3. A Defeated Suffering
  4. The Awareness of a Neve Ending Fall
  5. A Voiceless
  6. Sounding Strain (Hypnotized)
  7. Ghosts of Unconsciousness
  8. Misery of a Profaned Soul
  9. The Mind Reaper
  • Luca Minieri
  • Diego Ambrosi
  • Emilio Dattolo
  • Alessandro Tinti

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