Origin: Netherlands  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: March 29, 2005
Last update/review: June 27, 2008


INRI (which stands for "Insane Non-commercialized Rock Institute") was formed in 2001, after several members of a previous band called Stigmatheist decided to start afresh. Hyper Bastard Breed, the band's 2002 debut, is a brutal yet catchy slice of speedy, intense death metal, a bit short on variation (it's pretty much the same speed -- fast -- all the way through) but long on ferocity and crunchy riffing and blast beats. Not terribly innovative, but that's hardly the point here -- INRI could become one of the Netherland's best death metal bands in time, and Hyper Bastard Breed is a fine start to their career. They released a followup, Ultra Sonic Hatestorm, five years later, in 2007.

Current Members

Henri Veltink


Patrick Koning


Wilfred Spijker


Gerjan Slot




Former Members/Guests

William Vlierman



Hyper Bastard Breed  
2002 Cold Blood
  1. More Ruthless Than the Devil
  2. The Depth Society
  3. Shoot, Hammer and Krush
  4. Terrorfreak
  5. Masturbate
  6. Hyper Bastard Breed
  7. Candidate for the Fuck of God
  8. The Resonance of Triumph
  9. Annihilation
  10. The Glorythrone
  11. Spawn of Abraham
  12. This World's end, Wipe Out!!
  13. Your Mighty Privilege
  14. Hell Is Rising
  15. The All Consuming Darkness
  • Henri Veltink
  • Patrick Koning
  • Wilfred Spijker
  • Gerjan Slot
  • William Vlierman

Ultra Sonic Hatestorm  
  1. Power Violence
  2. Fuck Up Beyond All Recognition
  3. One Happy Thought Of Elimination
  4. The Iron Death Slam
  5. Humanitron
  6. Culture Cunt
  7. Thrash Until Found Worthy
  8. Bullet Cumshot
  9. Fire Flames And Other Tools To Kill You
  10. Fucking Nothingness
  11. Ego Extremist
  12. 1000 Pounds Of Satan
  13. Nihilityblaster
  • Henri Veltink
  • Patrick Koning
  • Wilfred Spijker
  • Gerjan Slot
  • Martin

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