Origin: Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA  
Genres: Doomdeath
Last update/review: September 14, 2008

Garden Of Shadows

Garden Of Shadows was an American band with a distinctively European sound, in particular Greek, as they were in the dark, gothic death metal realm occupied by Greek bands such as Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, or Nightfall. Formed in 1995, they recorded a demo that was later released in CD form (Heart Of The Corona) before attracting the interest of Earache Records (specifically, the Wicked World sublabel) for 2000's Oracle Moon. At their slowest, Garden Of Shadows resembled a traditional doomdeath band, with mostly mid-paced tempos and suitably harsh, albeit one-dimensional, death vocals from Chad and some nice guitar work interwoven with atmospheric keyboards. There was considerable talent on display here, and a decent variance of songwriting, yet not quite the spark of originality that might set them apart from the pack, though to be fair there weren't a lot of bands in Maryland playing this style. They broke up sometime in 2002.

Last Lineup





Brian Missant


Sean Beasely

bass (Dying Fetus)

Brett O'Connor


Former Members/Guests




(MCD) Heart Of The Corona  
1998 X-Rated
  1. Solar Pulse (intro)
  2. Heart of the Corona
  3. Lovely Cold
  4. Company in Solitude
  5. Apollonian Realm
  6. Shards of the Sphere
  • Chad
  • Mary
  • Brian Missant
  • Scott
  • Brett O'Connor

Oracle Moon  
2000 Wicked World
  1. Oracle Moon
  2. Citadel of Dreams
  3. Into Infinity
  4. Dissolution of the Forms
  5. Continuum
  6. Desert Shadows
  7. Twilight Odyssey
  • Chad
  • Mary
  • Brian Missant
  • Sean Beasely
  • Brett O'Connor

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